Yellow Lotus

The Yellow Lotus is a Triad based in Seattle.

The Yellow Lotus used to be based in Hong Kong. It was for a time the Red Dragon Association's main rival, before it was defeated and nearly annihilated in a war with the Red Dragon Association. The remnants of the Yellow Lotus are now allied to the Ten Thousand Lions in Hong Kong, which absorbed the survivors of the destroyed Yellow Lotus and it's allies in Hong Kong.

The Seattle lodge is led by Lodgemaster Zheng Li Kwan, an emigre from Hong Kong who took over the Seattle branch. He reorganized the lodge and went on an aggressive recruiting drive to expand the syndicate. Zheng Li Kwan is a strong believer in mystical traditions.

The Yellow Lotus in Seattle also has a powerful mage in service to the lodge, the Incense Master Su Cheng. He leads the rest of the Triad in group "Tai Chi" exercises.

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