Void Engineers

The Void Engineers’ presence in Seattle dates all the way back to the city’s Gold Rush days, when they sponsored sailors and explorers. From there, they piggybacked on the city’s booming aerospace and marine engineering industries through the twentieth century, both poaching off Enlightened talent from Sleeper companies and feeding technology to those same companies. They maintain several experimental facilities around the Sound, often hidden as part of military bases. Legends persist, always denied, of a facility called “Hangar Theta” that was the source of the UFO sightings of the ‘40s and ‘50s, but was subsequently destroyed in some kind of accident… or attack.

Peter Mosgiel, longtime local manager of the Void Engineers, has come under attack from the other Conventions in recent years for his longtime “live and let live” policy towards the Traditions. A jocular, laid-back man, looking like the very stereotype of the portly grognard engineer right down to the huge beard and suspenders, he has always been focused on simply creating and exploring instead of treating everything as game pieces in the Ascension War. He sees the informal alliance between the Engineers and the Virtual Adepts as only beneficial for mankind as a whole - after all, look what advances in computing and engineering have come out of Seattle! He grows increasingly bitter as he suspects that the other Conventions plan to oust and replace him, and might start leaking information on his rivals out to the Adepts if he senses the end drawing near.

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