Virtual Adepts

The Adepts are the largest population of Tradition Mages in Seattle, and historically the lines between them and the Technocratic Union have been rather blurred. Many mages have been happy to go back and forth working for the Technocracy for big money, then switching back to the Traditions to work on cool solo projects. Seattle’s tech boom has provided them with no shortage of funding and sleeper programmers to carry out their wild designs. More than anyone, the Adepts mourn the new unfriendliness of the local Technocracy and wish they could find a way to shake off their Ivory Tower masters and come together with the Adepts.

The head of the Adepts in Seattle (insofar as the Adepts recognize any leadership - though she is demonstrably Elite), Dr. Mary Okoye, is a former University of Washington professor of cybernetics who now runs a teaching chantry called the Schoolhouse. She knows that conflict with the Technocracy is inevitable, and is trying to gather the other Traditions around her for when it comes. Thus far, she has an uphill battle even within the ranks of the Adepts. Outside her loyalists, the Seattle Adepts fall into two camps: those who work in the tech sector and prefer to either collaborate with the Technocracy or quietly sabotage it from within, and freewheeling techno-anarchists who are more focused on setting up digital utopias and going to Burning Man, trying to build a paradise free of both Technocrats and sleepers.

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