Three Sisters

Name: Three Sisters
Location: Three Sisters Wilderness Area, Oregon
Composition: Mostly Black Furies, a scattering of other tribes
Totem: Volcano
Nature: Strength
Level: Unknown
Sept Alpha: Unknown
Caern Warder: Unknown

Former Residents: Kallie
OOC Contact: Kallie


The caern that would become the Sept of the Three Sisters was once held by the Wendigo long ago. The caern managed to escape attention from the European tribes and simply fell dormant as the Kinfolk were forced to leave and the last Garou died. A group of Black Furies looking to establish a foothold in the area re-opened the caern in the early twentieth century. For many years the caern's totem was Merlin, but in 2001 the totem was changed to something more appropriate: Volcano. Human satellites detected the mountain's "awakening," and the local spirits were agitated for some time, culminating in a large upheaval in 2004. The sept's Theurges finally managed to calm the mountain and the spirits, and kept concerned geologists at bay.


The Three Sisters are a trio of volcanoes in central Oregon, two extinct and one "potentially active." The wilderness area around the mountains is rugged and heavily forested. The nearest town is Sisters, Oregon. The caern itself is situated on the slope of the South Sister, but the sept takes responsibility for much of the Wilderness Area, even past the bawn.


Though the sept is largely held by Furies, any female Garou may of course find refuge and aid and even join the sept. Males who prove their worth may join as well; both Merlin and Volcano respect talent and skill. The sept is still largely of Fury makeup, however, and most of the Kinfolk live on the bawn, in Sisters, or in other towns in Central Oregon.


Three Sisters Mountains
Three Sisters Wilderness Area
Town of Sisters

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