The Phoenix

Name: The Sept of the Phoenix
Location: Atlanta, Georgia
Composition: Glass Walker dominated, Shadow Lords, NO FIANNA
Totem: City Father
Nature: Humor
Level: 3
Sept Alpha: Unnamed Athro Glass Walker
Caern Warder: Unnamed Adren Glass Walker
Moon Bridges: Unknown

Former Residents: Maximillion, Holden
Visitors: Anne
OOC Contact: Wizards


The Sept of the Phoenix was long ago a place of the Uktena, a caern called Standing Peachtree. But then the world changed, the white men came, and a city began to grow. For reasons they did not feel obligated to reveal, the tribe left, letting the caern fall into slumber and hiding it from prying eyes. Perhaps they knew what was to come: the forced migration of their kin that left the area unprotected.

The city flourished with the coming of the railroad, and with it the Iron Riders. Without a caern, they did what they were meant to do, keeping watch on the growing tide of humanity. Then came the Fianna, and one among them in particular. Finnegan mac Dorna, Yellow Eyes Sees the Truth, a theurge of great renown. He saw through the layers of protection the Uktena had left behind, and found the dormant caern. But it was the Glass Walkers who provided the bulk of the power to open the caern.

In late September, 1906, the caern was opened in what is now Woodruff Park with Atlanta's young City Father as the totem. Rising from the ashes of the race riots, rising from the depths of slumber, the sept took the name of the Phoenix.

For decades the city and caern and sept all grew. The Glass Walkers maintained control but the Fianna had a place as well. In the early '80s, a pack of Shadow Lords joined the sept, coming from the Shattered Oak in Massachusetts. Tensions between the tribes grew. The elders among the Fianna began to insist that the Shadow Lords be cast out. Not finding the Glass Walker leadership responsive, in 1990 the Fianna made a bid to take over. Their failure was complete, and now the caern is closed to the tribe.

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