The Fens

Name: The Fens
Location: The Fens of Boston, MA
Composition: Fianna and Glass Walker dominated, other tribes welcome. NO Get of Fenris or Shadow Lords.
Totem: City Father
Nature: Hope
Level: 3
Sept Alpha: Unknown
Caern Warder: Unknown
Moon Bridges: Unknown

Former Residents: Megan, John O'Morain, Jesse (Kin), Comet, Danny (Kin), Fitz
Visitors: Keeva (Kin)
OOC Contact: Sky


Founded in 1947 after the destruction of the Caern of the Shattered Oak, the remnant Fianna and the up-and-coming Glass Walkers and Bone Gnawers created this Caern in the middle of Boston's Fens. Most tribes are accepted here, except Get of Fenris and Shadow Lords.

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