Technocratic Union

Seattle was ruled by Iteration X from 1940 to 2001.

Afterward, Seattle is ruled by the New World Order.

Technocracy companies are used to control and monitor. Pentex companies are used to enrage, pollute and destroy. Neither truly care about profit.

1973; the technocracy began a series of initiatives to fight against pentex and other agents of the wyrm. In order to curb environmental destruction in favor of technological control.

This included takeover and reworking of nuclear power plants



Seattle is a major stronghold for the Technocratic Union. One of the shipwrights for the Void Engineers’ s voidcrafts is located there and is home to multiple Technocratic Enlightened personnel. The Syndicate’s Special Projects Division used to entertain a liaison to Pentex there, but recently, it was attacked and everyone vanished.

The technocracy prefers their influence be done through corporations and the media. Politics has no need to be influenced as the real power comes from the mob and what controls the mob is information, not laws.

Public Companies

In case time has functioned differently for you, I must inform you this channel has been dead for over 20 years. It is good to hear from at least one of our lost Surveyors. I can brief you on the state of things. But the news isn't good. You'll want to brace yourself before reading.

The Technocratic Union has lost nearly all control. If we are going to be honest with ourselves, we've been losing control since the 90s. Maybe longer. All these systems of control we built, the massive apparati for surveillance, intelligence, counterintelligence, market manipulation, and mass media suggestion are mostly in the hands of deviants and bad actors. I am afraid we may have doomed the world. But I have some hope that we might yet save it.

At the end of the 20th century was the Interdimensional Anomaly. We lost contact with Horizon Construct. The Time Table was broken, and the efforts of the Symposia to formulate a new Control were not as trusted, nor as singular. The fragmentation in our Union which had been brewing for years came to the surface.

New World Order

The Nine Traditions have often accused us of being "Witch hunters", or some kind of "Inquisition". But nothing could be farther from the truth. We ended the witch hunts. Reason prevailed over superstition. Philosophy conquered dogma. Order and civility ended the moral panic. But the Inquisition is back. In the early 2000s, the governments of the world fell into a new paranoia, allied with the Catholic Church, they turned their sights on Deviants, and fears of infiltration.

Our Operatives and Watchers stationed within the global intelligence community were faced with a crisis of loyalty to the intelligence agencies and national governments or the New World Order. Many of the "Extraordinary Citizens" turned on us. Our largest intelligence networks were hacked, compromised, stolen, and subverted by superstitious, myopic, moralistic, monster hunters. They have appropriated gadgets and cutting edge technologies from Q Division. Worse yet, they know of us. And they are convinced we are some kind of devil-worshipping cabal in the "deep state". They know of the Ivory Tower, and have even put deliberate effort into sewing public distrust of academia. Making our work even harder.

You'd think it would be advantageous to have such a large, well organized purge of Deviants. But the truth is, these fools in the Second Inquisition are only making things worse. Their targets are chosen without thorough study, their acts of violence have made the Deviants even more chaotic, more violent, more of a threat to Consensus than they have been in centuries.

The Feed is a lost cause. Misinformation and "alternative facts" seem to spread faster than any Enlightened Scientist can suppress them. Many of the technologies they developed have fallen into the hands of nationalist cyber-agents.

What is left of the New World Order is now preoccupied with fighting the Second Inquisition, trying to rekindle the world's trust in Science and academia, and quelling the chaos of international relations as well as the rising Deviant activity that threaten what is left of Consensus.

The Syndicate / The Heterodoxy

The Syndicate was dissolved. Honestly, I think they had it coming. Their economic manipulation and deep involvement with multinational corporations should have made them vigilant against subversion. Instead, they handed more and more power to the world's worst people, and never developed Procedures for sufficient oversight. They relied on NWO Watchers to keep their house in order, but resented and obstructed our surveillance nonetheless. Somehow, the only people who saw the 2008 financial crisis coming were the ones who were intent on profiteering from it. And the best solutions the Syndicate could offer were to pressure governments into giving the multinationals even more power, while also disseminating their new cryptocurrency technologies to the Masses. It is unclear what, exactly, their long term plan was. But it is clear they did not anticipate the behavior of what we have codenamed "Annihilation".

It seems that among the multinational corporations and nationalist oligarchs across the globe, there is a Deviant conspiracy intent on nothing short of the extinction of all life on earth. The holdings company Pentex occupies a central role, but there is hardly a Fortune 500 company, oil or weapons baron, or aspiring monopoly which is not compromised. They obstruct every attempt to make the economy sustainable. They go out of their way to choose the most environmentally destructive path to profit. They prey upon the psychology of instant-gratification to keep the greedy focused on only the next quarter. And the Syndicate had no idea. It isn't even new. The most current research indicates that every major failure of the Syndicate over the last 150 years may have been orchestrated by Annihilation.

We know there are Nephandi involved, but so too are so-called "Cainites", and other Reality Deviants known to be hostile to one another. Our contacts in the Pan-Dimensional Corps have devised a hypothesis that there is some kind of interdimensional intelligence guiding these forces to act in concert without even having to communicate with each other. If true, it means a malicious, chthonic, alien entity has been operating at a global scale for centuries and we never even noticed. And now climate change is racing out of control. Only Science can save us, but the will of the Masses has been perverted by Annihilation in ways we can only have dreamed about. Even the most moderate attempts to slow the destruction of our planet are met with public backlash and massive corporate obstruction.

The Enlightened Economic Scientists of the former Syndicate have been split. Some of them have joined the Traditions. They have formed a faction within the Virtual Adepts, called The Alternative, aimed at crashing and undermining global economic institutions through new technologies, cyber-crime, and the creation of alternate digital worlds where new economic and ecological paths are possible. By simply sewing chaos, they will only make things worse, and their digital alternative worlds will only get people stuck in hypotheticals while the reality of our dying planet is not really addressed.

The former Syndicate with better heads on their shoulders have been busy trying to form a new Convention, The Heterodoxy. Not yet recognized by the Union as a whole, but hopefully due to be ratified in the very near future. There are competing visions on what a new economic arm of the Union could or should look like. The majority seem to favor the pursuit and promotion of sustainable, green, and heterodox economic models. They still have deep pockets, vast networks of connections, and the Masses are losing trust in traditional economic models. There may be the opportunity to usher in bold new ideas, and appropriate the resources of various economic sectors that undermine the plans of Annihilation.

Iteration X

Iteration X has gone dark. In my opinion, the Iterators were always a strange lot. Intelligence suggests that in the 2010s, the Convention engaged in something like a civil war. Utopian and loyalist factions have engaged in fighting among every Convention, but this was something different. This may have gone all the way up to the top, to Computer itself. But these conflicts are shrouded in mystery. They cut themselves off from the rest of the Union. Their representatives even stopped showing up to the Symposia. The supply of their advanced Devices slowed to a near halt. Investigations were met with hostility and obfuscation that would make the best NWO Operative raise an eyebrow.

I have it on some authority that the Border Corps Division may have had more insight into the conflict with Iteration X. Something to do with Threat Null. But the details have as of yet eluded me. Though the Void Engineer high command never provided us a full debriefing on Threat Null. We only have speculation, and the vague notion that it has something to do with a form of interdimensional Deviant.

In recent years, relations have been reestablished. But the Convention remains a black box, impenetrable from the outside. And when one makes contact with an Iterator, it seems like you just can't predict what you're going to encounter. Some are more mechanistic and drone-like than ever. Others are almost frighteningly individualistic, bordering on Deviant (these ones do, admittedly, supply some delightful toys). I have reports that there may be a faction operating which calls itself Iteration XI. And the rumors are that there is now more than one Computer.

Increasingly, the technologies developed by the Clockwork Convention are glass cannons. They are extremely powerful, even frightening, but they are inscrutable to even Enlightened Scientists unfamiliar with Iteration X Procedures, and they break down frequently.

What I find most concerning from what intelligence we can gather, is that there are almost certainly factions within the Iterators who are gearing up for a new Pogrom. Aside from flagrant and clearly malicious outbursts which we clearly have to put down, the policy toward Deviants in these last few decades has distinctly changed to one where we aim not so much to directly eliminate them but instead to simply create a world they have no part in. To render them obsolete. Like the misguided attacks of the Second Inquisition, I believe that direct, proactive hostility toward Deviancy at this stage would lead only to more violence, more chaos, and upset the Consensus more than it already has been.

The internal conflicts, it would seem, are far from over, even if they've become less volatile than they were ten years ago. One Amalgam or Methodology might be entirely unaware of what others are doing, even in a fairly small geographic area. Still, they seem to be finding funding somewhere, and there is certainly evidence of hierarchal organization. I only wish the NWO had the resources to more closely surveille their activities. In the meantime, there are certainly bigger fish to fry.


The decay of Consensus these last 20 years has effected every Convention in the Union. Massive popular waves of science denial make it hard to maintain anything like the control we enjoyed in the 20th century. But it is possible none of us have suffered quite so much as the Progenitors.

After the Dimensional Anomaly, our good doctors had to work twice as hard to regroup, reorganize, and rededicate themselves to the Hippocratic Oath. They aggressively recruited new talent, and fought tirelessly behind the scenes to develop life extending and saving technologies, and to keep potential pandemics under wraps. We knew that the Anti-Vaccine and anti "Western Medicine" movements were trouble. Our best social engineers were manipulating social media to promote good, scientific values. Swine Flu and other potential threats were handled quietly. The Pharmacopoeists turned out a working vaccine for COVID in record time, and somehow between botched distribution and massive disinformation campaigns, the tide turned against us.

This is a COVID-endemic world, now. More and more people turn to faith-healers, charlatans, and worse. The development of new technologies is slowing. The bureaucratic hurdles to distributing and disseminating new solutions seem to grow by the day. And the public faith in the good will of real, science-based medicine, is shattered in a way I never imagined.

Our intelligence has identified Traditionalist activity stoking anti-science movements, and using "alternative medicine" organizations as recruiting grounds, looking for those who can actually make their snake oil work.

The Traditionalists have taken advantage of the eroding sense of Consensus. They are stronger than they've been in over a century. They have thousands of "outer orders", NGOs, and New Religious Movements which draw in gullible Sleepers, and find those with susceptibility to their unorthodox paradigms. They collect resources from the masses while inviting those with the right talents and loyalty into their more secretive orders, and eventually initiation into their "Traditions".

In the last 3 years, increasing attention has gone to the Progenitors' Applied Sciences Methodology. Sending in teams to discredit faith-healers, destroy the supply chains of bogus supplements (many of which are, in reality, Deviant plots of some kind or another), and to destabilize popular anti-science movements. Ethical Compliance has worked closely with our Watchers to route out any profiteering or abusive personal agendas. But that's an uphill battle.

Void Engineers

I've always considered Dimensional Science to be the "Final Frontier". And the Void Engineers are ahead of the rest of us in many ways. However, they use their understanding of the strangest sciences to obscure their own secrets. Our intelligence is simply unable to get detailed reporting on their activities, but it is my assessment that they have managed to maintain contact, however inconsistently, with even their operatives in the deepest of space and dimensional realms, despite the Dimensional Anomaly. They do not appear to have suffered quite the same chaos and restructuring necessitated by the other Conventions.

However, they remain secretive in their combats against Threat Null, and those alien entities which seem more numerous by the year right here on Terra Firma. Worryingly, it is believed that factions within the Pan-Dimensional Corps, the Earth Frontier Division, and even the Neutralization Specialists have routinely entered into joint operations with Traditionalists, potentially with other Deviants as well. It seems that when alien incursions are at stake, they are not choosy about their partnerships.

These dangerous liaisons do not however indicate, in my opinion, any danger that the Convention could defect to the Traditions. If anything, in recent years, the Void Engineers have become something like the face of the Technocracy, with Iteration X having become so insular, and our New World Order on its back heel fighting the Inquisition. More and more, it seems the Symposia have been dominated by the voices of our intrepid explorers.

Still, with some of the Iterators preparing for war, I fear the factional conflicts currently contained within that Convention could spill out into inter-Conventional violence. The Void Engineers are riding high. But I fear they are ruffling a lot of feathers.

The Big Picture

These times are in some ways unprecedented. But in other ways, we are reliving the past. The days when Galileo, Copernicus, or Darwin had to fight against public opinion to advance the cause of science. We can get 95% of scientists to agree on something, but paranoia and distrust among the masses cause them to listen to the 5% of "Scientists", who are almost universally either Traditionalist crackpots, simple profiteering con-men, or on the payroll of the forces of Annihilation. Dissenting opinions travel faster across the internet, carried by the inertia of controversy, than the boring majority.

Our Loyalist factions are still trying to reassert Control, to put the Union back under a single Time Table. But there is no center to cling to. Too many competing interests, many of whom are creating conspiracies within the Conspiracy. But, it has made it easier for our more Utopian members to pursue internal policing, routing out corruption and abuse. Though I believe these purges are sometimes the unwitting tools of one interest against another.

The threats from the outside are more numerous than ever. The Second Inquisition, Threat Null, petty nationalist governments and corporate interests, stronger Traditionalist organizing, Deviants taking advantage of the chaos, and the mysterious forces of Annihilation. We have to get our act together if humanity, or perhaps even life on earth, is going to survive the century ahead of us.

Lensman Mauve

The old Syndicate paradigm is not just neutered, it's been dissolved. The Syndicate is gone. The ones who stuck too hard to their paradigm are basically all dead or Nephandi now. They failed.

But, taking some of your points into consideration, I have to say I somewhat agree. Economics is an area in which I'm quite well studied. I imagine more so perhaps than even the original WoD writers who created the Technocracy. So, the Syndicate has for some time felt weird to me. And post-2008, I just don't think it works at all.

But, my bias is showing a bit when I shuffle Awakened Economists into merely either full-on revolutionary economic terrorists (The Alternative, named after Maggie Thatcher's famous statement "There is no alternative.") or just the heterodoxy.

Heterodox Economics are a growing field in real life. Everything from MMT, to the Institutional School, to a large Marxian revival are becoming serious challengers to the "Neo-Classical" school of economics which has dominated since the latter half of the 20th century.

But, as you said, there are other approaches. And there should reasonably multiple factions all vying for the former Syndicate's spot at the Symposia.

I have trouble with "Web 3.0" and "decentralized" concepts like cryptocurrency because those are literally just scams and shell games. No one actually believes in any of it except the marks who are being grifted. If there was some kind of genuine idea behind crypto back in 2008 when it was introduced amidst the Occupy movement, it has disappeared in the intervening 14 years. There is no real distinction between "Silicon Valley" and the "legacy corporations" at this point. They are all the same thing. Often even the same people sitting on the boards.

But this is also a game of fiction, so maybe we can imagine there really is a group of superscientists trying to tap into the revolutionary potential of crypto technologies. And they are beleaguered by all the grifters and the force of Annihilation (which is the Wyrm, if you hadn't caught it) who just loves how environmentally destructive these technologies are. Just as the Heterodoxy are beleaguered by all the entrenched ways of approaching economics and the myopic policies spearheaded by the multinationals.

Also, there should probably be a faction focused more on organized crime, and parallel economies. They were probably also pretty heavily involved in the early crypto development, but hit pretty hard by the shutting down of avenues like the Silk Road (probably have to find some fictional WoD equivalents to specific names like that) and the enclosure of intellectual property laws worldwide.

Additionally, there should maybe be a representative faction more based out of Chinese economic theories. It is, after all, the world's largest economy in terms of Purchasing Power Parity (PPP), and the second largest in terms of GDP. The original WoD setting was so Anglo-centric, it's easy to fall into that same trap when expanding on it.

And none of these factions are actually prepared to become the new Convention. They are all interacting in unofficial capacities with the Technocratic Union, keeping in their good graces by providing avenues for funding. Maybe two of them will have to merge, maybe one will rise as dominant. It's a bit of a clusterfuck.

I'm gonna need to reread some of the older Syndicate materials. I do want to keep it somewhat in line with that continuity, while applying my own education in the IRL field of Economics, but also maybe without leaning on my own biases too hard.

I think Mage is at its strongest when its giving the Technocracy/Traditions/Disparates a good-faith shot to put forward their paradigms. As someone also with a political science/economics background (my baccalaureate exam was actually today!), the Syndicate and NWO were always my favorite factions. I think the dynamics and tension between them is some of the most interesting and really only lightly explored aspects of the setting.

I think, to me, as a Syndicate fan, there is just a disturbance in the idea that there are no more Syndies left that aren't pollution-huffing, dodo-snuffing, captain planet villains. Now, your setting and your rules and all that, and if you're looking to make a point about how you don't think the underlying ideology is tenable, more power to you. But I would think it odd that there are no more traditional Syndies left. So, one thing you might consider: what if the NWO, Control, Union at large came to your conclusion, you need the Heterodoxy, and the diehard (but not Wyrm-mad) Syndies just pulled an Etherite and left the Union? I don't think they'd join the Traditions proper, or even the Disparate Alliance, but I could totally see them going neutral/mercenary as a faction.* They've always been the least concerned with 'Reality Deviance' of the Union (after all, opposition is a commodity-to-be in capitalism), so I could totally see them playing shadowy investors to the less scrupulous members of the Progenitors, VE, ItX, Etherite, VA, Hermetics, Solificati, alike! Less organized and more decentralized than even before, this independent Syndicate would be trying to deal with 'Annihilation' in their own way, trying to not let a bad actor spoil a good paradigm. They'd probably see the NWO as the bigger threat, though, and be looking to bring a bit of Creative Destruction to the Ivory Tower.

But that's just my thought! I certainly think you have an interesting idea. I really like the Alternative as a name, that's a good pull.

*In my own custom setting, the Syndicate-stand ins actually break off from the Union with the enactment of the New Deal. For the next few decades they operate independently, until the Union readmits them in the 80's.

That's an excellent suggestion. I love the idea of a mercenary faction of "Old Syndicate" who have no interest in rejoining the Union, and are instead trying their best to free-market their way into beating the Annihilation on their own.

Not that some haven't gone Wyrm-Mad. Pentex was a Syndicate holding for over a century and somehow they never noticed (or cared) that the board of directors included vampires, Nephandi, fomori, mockeries, BSDs, etc. I feel like in 2008-2010, Pentex more or less organized a coup that freed the largest Syndicate assets from their control. They seduced what Awakened they could, killed others, etc.

And now we are left with a dozen or so new organizations made up of former Syndies trying to force the world to make sense again in different ways.

Meanwhile the remaining TU probably has biases toward some of those factions. The NWO likes the Heterodoxy. The Iterators might be more intrigued by the crypto bros (whatever they might be called). I could see the Progenitors just siding with whoever gives them the most money, and that might be the Chinese faction. While the VEs could have some deep ties to the illegalist pirate group. I dunno. Needs to be hammered out.

This has been a lot of help. Thanks for talking it out with me.

I get what you're trying and the effort is a noble one but honestly and seriously I don't think the Technocracy is compatible with a post-covid, post-post-Cold-War, post-democracy, and post-truth world at all.

Not the least because for all the attempts to make them playable and reasonable they remain a boogeyman conspiracy theory… in a world where that sort of shit just isn't funny or fun like it was watching X-files back in the day. Now the Man isn't dealing with aliens or pulling some dirty shit on side no he tried to steal the election, so you burn down the Capital. That is evil and scary and everywhere.

So what does that leave us? Well the Technocracy hasn't just lost control the Technocracy is dead. D-E-A-D dead. They broke down into civil war fifteen year ago, so much disinformation and thought control flew nobody even knows who started it. Then it got worse. Threat Null, Second Inquisition, Nephandi, Whatever You Want, because all the other monsters came out of the night once the blood was in the water. Many ran, they might even be the lucky ones.

Now the "Technocracy" is just what's left of the Void Engineers and what they could trust of the other Conventions have been incorporated as divisions under careful watch. Officially their goal is to rebuild, but the higher ups have secretly started the Dimensional Retreat Initiative, its one objective is to build the best ship the Void Engineers have ever made and get the fuck out this hell of madness.

Identification codes

the code consists of (double letter code; male (00) or female (01); -; last two digits of year of birth; country code of birth (as per international code); province code of birth (order of admittance into union); -; initials)

for example:

Elijah Cumberland is a male kinfolk born in 1981, in South Carolina, US. His code is HA00-810108-EC.

Double letter codes

ZZ - Sleeper mortal
OO - Awakened Tradition Mage
TU - Technocratic employee
NE - Nephandi
MU - Marauder
VA - Vampire
VG - Ghoul
HL (homo lycanthrus) - Werewolf
HA (homo auxilius) - Kinfolk

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