the self-replicating coffee shop. Once one exists, it
consumes local resources until it has gathered enough, and
then it expends those resources to create another of itself,
another coffee shop that will collect, store, and duplicate, ad
In addition to serving as a source of delicious, overpriced,
possibly compliance-drug-laced coffee, the coffee shops
launder money and serve as emergency boltholes for agents
of the God-Machine. Each has a concealed basement that
trusted cultists can use as a mundane safehouse (though
probably each believes it is a feature of only that specific coffee
shop), and angels in need can avail themselves of recuperative
architecture there.
The coffee shops all have a near-identical layout, controlled
by a simple algorithm that can adjust to most variations in
a new shop’s location. Updates to the coffee shop master
plan for a specific chain (at least one is stored in the Seattle
Command and Control Infrastructure) propagate outward
through all the shops designed according to that algorithm.
Occasionally, the algorithm doesn’t function properly
with a given coffee shop’s location, and the coffee shop goes
rogue. Layouts and design choices change, often drastically,
and the coffee shop offers only limited functionality to the
God-Machine’s servants. Most rogue coffee shops do not self-

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