The South

There is a difference between the South, which can be defined as the areas around the charming cities of the Atlantic Seaboard such as Charlotte, Charleston, Richmond and Atlanta; Appalachia, which rests to the west, nestled in the Appalachian Highlands; and the Deep South, consisting of the Florida Panhandle and states like Mississippi and Alabama. Southern Florida, with its dense populations of Cuban immigrants and elderly retirees from the Northeast, is not considered to be part of the South at all.

Unlike the other two regions, "the South" is relentlessly progressive, economically speaking, as jobs and industry migrate southward in search of lower costs and more relaxed environmental standards. With these industries, the Ventrue have moved en masse as well, attended by Toreador and Tremere who also sense opportunities.

The Deep South, on the other hand, is predominantly rural, with only a smattering of industry in cities like Birmingham. What Kindred exist outside the industrial areas tend to be Gangrel or Nosferatu. These vampires also predominate in Appalachia, though that territory is unquestionably Lupine-dominated. In the cities are ragtag Ventrue and Brujah in equal numbers; the former from the heritage of plantation owners, the latter from the convicts who were the original colonists of Georgia.

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