Sons Of Ether

The Etherites flourish in nerd-filled Seattle. In fact, when the steampunk conventions roll into
town they find they can easily blend in and show off their experiments with little risk of paradox, to the
delight of the sleepers who get to witness these fabulous contraptions and “magic tricks.” The primary
Etherite sanctum isn’t in Seattle, however, but in Port Townsend, a picturesque Victorian town across the
water on the Olympic Peninsula. In the basement of a beautifully maintained pastel-rose mansion, the mad
scientists of the Copper Rose Society are free to tinker to their heart’s content. A couple calling themselves
Steam Lord Wells and Steam Lady Grey are the most visible Etherites of that cabal, an eccentric pair who
dress in impeccable Victorian outfits. Like all good Etherite cabals, however, there is plenty of spirited
debate among the Copper Roses, so the one who actually calls the shots tends to be the one who argues the

The most prominent Etherite cabal in Seattle, the Talents, make their home in a magickally enhanced
garage in the Central District. These Afrofuturist inventors and adventurers are some of the
loudest voices in calling for an attack on the Technocratic Union - while their other Etherite fellows would rather
remain peaceful tinkerers.

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