Shattered Oak

Name: Shattered Oak (Formerly Iron Oak)
Location: Near Framingham Massachusetts
Composition: Shadow Lord ruled, some Get of Fenris (Formerly Fianna only)
Totem: Grandfather Thunder (Formerly Oak)
Nature: Strength (Formerly Wisdom)
Level: 2
Sept Alpha: Unknown
Caern Warder: Unknown
Moon Bridges: Unknown

Former Residents: Judith
Visitors: Jack Muldoon (Kinfolk)
OOC Contact: Sky


Once the Caern of the Iron Oak, a Fianna dominated Sept, in 1947 it was overrun by Shadow Lords in a violent and bloody takeover. The caern has been in decline ever since, with attrition due to corruption and emigration. Still primarily a Shadow Lord sept, there is a healthy population of Get of Fenris, as well.

The Caern itself sits on an island in the middle of the Sudbury Reservoir

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