San Francisco

San Francisco is the cultural, commercial, and financial center of Northern California and second-most densely populated major city in the United States.

Home to the Vampire Club, a nightclub for Kindred built in the hull of a beached yacht.

San Francisco is relatively light on Kindred for a city of its size. The large community of other supernatural types tends to keep the vampiric population down. A major Kindred stronghold is the Bank of America, wholly owned and operated by the Giovanni, and there is a growing Sabbat presence across the bay in Oakland. There are rumored links between the Sabbat and the Ventrue as well. The lines between elders and anarchs are muddled here, and for every clan head who espouses many liberal reforms, there's an anarch uncomfortable with their agenda being co-opted and demanding a return to a more traditional (and adversarial) social hierarchy.

San Francisco is the spearhead of the Kuei-jin's offensive against the "Kin-jin" on the West Coast, and is the center of the New Promise Mandarinate.

One thing a few Kithain dislike about living in San Francisco is all the damned mages. Fortunately, Frisco is primarily a Tradition city, being especially friendly to Virtual Adepts and Sons of Ether. There's a strong neo-pagan community in San Francisco, providing friendly base for Verbena and Dreamspeakers as well. While the Technocracy does have a strong presence on the West Coast, it is concentrated further up the coast, at major research and software concerns up in Washington. Hollow Ones by the score wander the streets, and one cannot help but wonder if the existence of so many Orphans is part of someone's plan. It hardly seems likely that so many could arise otherwise.

The Way Down Chantry: the Hollow One's Gothic church/night club/main chantry in San Francisco

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