Ragnarr Sept

Ragnarr Sept guards the ragnarr-caern located in Mount Rainier National Park.

In 1833, Sluiskin, a Native American guide, led a party of European settlers to the base of Tacoma, or Mount Rainier as we now call it. When he heard that these men intended to climb the mountain, Sluiskin was concerned. The summit of Tacoma housed a lake of fire, in which a malevolent spirit lived. All the natives knew this, which is why they never climbed above the mountain’s snowline. He pleaded them to stay, but the climbers wouldn’t listen. They set off for the summit, and Sluiskin was sure he would never see them again.

Two days later, he was incredulous at the sight of the tired but victorious climbers, believing them to be ghosts.

In the origin stories of Mount Rainier, the mountain is described as a large woman who lived west of Puget Sound, in what is now the Olympic Mountains. Her husband had two wives, both of whom fought with the other. Feeling cramped and embattled, the woman left the crowded Olympics with her son and went to the open plains out east. With room to breath, the woman and her son grew quite large, becoming Mount Rainier and Little Tahoma respectively.

The Sept

Due to the promises made to mother and child, the sept must take in any lost Cubs and make an attempt to return them to the tribe in which they were born. If, after an Earnest attempt is made, the tribe cannot be located only then they are allowed to fold the Cub into the Get. Because of this the except has a close relationship to the Great Caern in Vancouver especially to the Ymir Sept of the Get in British Columbia.



Gertrude Valkyrie-Song
Walking-Backwards Svarhyle


Red Mantle




Honorary members


Pack 5: The Howlers

  • Ahroun homid Cliath m white irish son goldenboy
  • Philodox homid Fostern m white swedish
  • Ragabash Lupis Fostern m
  • Theurge homid Cliath m white swedish
  • Ahroun homid Cliath m -
  • Ahroun homid Cliath m -

Pack 4: The Bitches

  • Theurge homid Fostern f -
  • Ahroun homid Cliath f white scottish
  • Galliard homid Cliath f white german
  • Ahroun homid Cliath f -

Pack 3: The Giantsbane Pack

  • Galliard homid Athro m white irish father
  • Ahroun homid Adren m white english
  • Ahroun homid Adren m -
  • Galliard homid Adren m -
  • Theurge homid Fostern m -, Keeper of the Land

Pack 2: Shield Maidens

  • Gertrude Valkyrie-Song; Theurge homid elder f valkyrie white german, master of the rite, Caller of the Wyld
  • Ragabash homid Adren f valkyrie white dutch
  • Ahroun homid Adren f valkyrie white french
  • Galliard homid Fostern f valkyrie white german, Master of the Howl
  • Ahroun homid Fostern f white welsh

Pack 1: The Feast Hall Pack

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