Ragnarr Caern
Ragnarr Caern
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Ragnarr Caern, also known as the Caern of the War Council, is located on Mount Rainier. It is guarded by the ragnarr-sept.

Once called the Mother of Waters Caern

The Moonbridge reaches 6,000 miles which is all of Russia and Mongolia and Europe except Greece. Even reaching Casablanca and all of the Amazon Rainforest.

Basic Info

Level: 4
Gauntlet: 3
Type: Rage
Tribal Structure: Get of Fenris
Totems: Mother and Child / Wolf-God Fenris


The Bawn

The Heart





Originally a caern of freedom/protection/mothers.

Get of Fenris take the caern

Two totems

The new totem was one of rage - most likely Wolf-God Fenris itself.

The old totem refused to leave when the new totem was placed. The two totems now clash with each other within the mountain, their battle threatening to destroy the mountain entirely.

The Mother and Child totem requires the caern to not only never harm children, but always take in lost cubs. To do otherwise is to incur her wrath.

Visiting the Caern

Human tourists

Guests of the sept


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