Queen Anne

Queen Anne Hill is an affluent neighborhood and geographic feature in Seattle, northwest of downtown. The neighborhood sits on the highest named hill in the city, with a maximum elevation of 456 feet (139 m). It covers an area of 7.3 square kilometers (2.8 sq mi), and has a population of about 28,000. Queen Anne is bordered by Belltown to the south, Lake Union to the east, the Lake Washington Ship Canal to the north and Interbay to the west.

Queen Anne Lodge is the closest Seattle Masonic Lodge to the Downtown area. While it’s members largely consists of men who live in the Downtown, Lake Union, Belltown, Capitol Hill and Queen Anne areas, it’s vitality, and fellowship have also attracted men to come regularly from as far as 50 miles away. Our Seattle Masonic Lodge is ideal for many young professionals looking to join a fraternity of like minded men who believe in bettering themselves and the community they live in, and who are looking for friends with whom they can truly trust in all seasons of life.

Built on the steep, tall hill that marks the northern edge of Downtown, boasting spectacular
views of the Space Needle and the city, Queen Anne’s winding, tree-lined boulevards are home to many
well-preserved old houses. The neighborhood was named after the Victorian-era architectural style that used
to dominate it, although few actual Queen Anne-style homes remain today.

All of upper Queen Anne is under the control of the Most High Order of the True Light, Aletheo’s
splinter sect of the Order of Hermes. Over the years, their beliefs have radically
diverged from those of the Order. They have become steadfastly convinced that theirs is the only true path
to Ascension. They believe that this world is merely a false shadow of true reality, a higher-order plane called
the True Light. Magick consists of emanations from this higher plane and can be used to manipulate false

According to the O.T.L. (as they call themselves), there are only seven True Souls in the world that
are capable of Ascension to the True Light. All other mages are merely Echoes in various degrees of
reflection from the Truth, from First Echoes to Seventh Echoes, in descending order of their magickal
ability. Before one can discover their nature as a True Soul (if indeed they are), they must rise through the
ranks of the Echoes. Sleepers incapable of magick are called Chaff, and are fully a part of this false reality,
and, thus, not really real people.

Aletheo is, of course, a True Soul, and two of his most trusted underlings have been declared so as
well, but the others have yet to reveal themselves. The O.T.L. believes that when all seven True Souls gather
together, this degraded world will fall away like a dream and the True Souls will Ascend to the True Light
to shape the next world. The Echoes who followed the True Path (that is to say, the teachings of the O.T.L.)
will merge with the True Souls, but Echoes on the False Path will be dissolved along with the Chaff and the
rest of our false reality.

The O.T.L. have a membership of nearly fifty mages, plus a few dozen other Sleepers in various
degrees of initiation who serve the O.T.L. in exchange for being taught the true nature of the universe. The
final stage of initiation is a test to see if they are capable of reflecting the True Light. Should they fail to
demonstrate magickal ability, they are declared Chaff and cast out of the O.T.L. Most, unsurprisingly, wash
out. A few have actually successfully Awakened afterwards. It’s unclear what would happen if a washout
from the O.T.L. returned, Awakened, but more than likely they would simply be declared a follower of the
False Path like most other mages and barred from entrance.

The original members of the O.T.L. were extremely wealthy and moved to Seattle at a prime time
to buy real estate. Their chantries reflect this. Their primary lodge is a Victorian mansion on the south end
of the hill, blocked off from the street by imposingly tall wrought-iron fences with sun motifs worked into
the gates. Alethio lives there along with his closest followers and a small group of servant initiates. They
own several other turn-of-the-century mansions and more recent houses tucked into secluded corners of the
hill, all of them located atop nodes.

The boundaries of their territory are marked on street corners with cast-iron sun-and-eye sigils,
either set into the sidewalk or stuck in peoples’ gardens. A low-level Mind effect over the whole
neighborhood keeps uninitiated sleepers from noticing them. Uninitiated mages in the area are closely
monitored, either by magickal effects, surveillance cameras, or simply by somebody watching from a
window. Those who act suspiciously or linger away from the main streets after dark risk being captured by
the Order.

The O.T.L.’s most powerful magick is their ability to bind ghosts into their service. They consider
these Chaff-Souls to be little more than automatons - they are degraded copies of Chaff that already bore no
touch of the True Light - and thus they can be used like chattel. Queen Anne has both a cemetery and the
southern end of the Aurora Bridge, the number one suicide spot in Seattle, so there is no shortage of
troubled souls for them to enslave. Some spirits of the dead are bound as servitors, with symbolic chains
spiked into their ghostly flesh and their mouths stitched shut by black thread. These poor souls are worked
until they are too worn to be of value, then their tattered forms are soldered together by ritual magicks into
Chaff-Melds. These ghastly, multi-limbed conglomerations only exist for a short time. The individual souls
break down into confused nothingness in a matter of days, or even hours. They remain bound to the
O.T.L. until the end, and their pain and anger can be directed to make them potent shock troops if need

The O.TL.’s third use for spirits is to bind their souls into trees in midnight rituals. These Soul-
Grafts are thereafter unable to stray more than a block or two from their arboreal prison. Unless freed by
some greater magick, they remain there as long as the tree does. They are the O.T.L.’s guard dogs. After
dark, they can manifest near their tree as indistinct shadowy shapes, like a slouched dark coat with no-one
inside. They report intruders to the O.T.L. mages who bound them, and, if so commanded, wrap
themselves around the intruding mage, silencing them, and drag them off inside their tree. There they can
be held until an O.T.L. mage comes along to take them into custody, or simply left to suffocate slowly. The
bodies of the latter are slowly broken down by the tree, making the sap temporarily blood-red.

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