Seattle has been a Camarilla city since soon after its founding. The sect's original power base were the Pioneers, who were not only pioneers in the colloquial Kindred sense, but also in mortal sense of being the first (non-natives) to settle there. Because of this, the appellation stuck, and they persisted longer than a pioneer clique probably would in a new domain. The Pioneers, who were mainly Brujah and Toreador, came to subsume those who would play key roles in its history and development.

It is usually accepted that the Pioneers came into the city prior to 1962.

While Seattle is a young city, the vampires of The Pioneers were among the first to settle here and rule. Led by John Jameson, they have seen control slip away over the years and are increasingly unhappy with the amount of outsiders that have come in and carved out territory. After Prince Jameson was revealed as anathema, a new prince, Lou Grand took over leadership.

There’s a lot of wealth in ruling a city for more than a century. The money of the Pioneers would earn a lot of influence almost anywhere in the world. In the modern boomtown of Seattle, though, all it seems to afford is a more comfortable slide into irrelevance.

While they have dreams of once more ruling the city, they have since been forced to accept the rules of another. In exchange, they have been allowed to "save face" by keeping control over some minor parts of the city.

A collection of individuals from different clans, unified by their idealistic and romantic notion of Seattle as the last frontier - The Pioneers held Seattle for the biggest part of the city’s existence. Having lost so much in the last twenty years, they have become quite skeptical of the changing world, including any fledgling looking to join.

The Pioneers include loggers, fishermen, bootleggers, old money families, musicians and artists, and many other long-time Puget Sound inhabitants - and they fight tooth and nail to preserve whatever remains of their old world - and of one another.

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