Our Holy Mother

Name: The Sept of Our Holy Mother
Location: Tampa, Florida
Composition: Black Furies, Children of Gaia, Bone Gnawers
Totem: Unicorn
Nature: Healing
Level: 2
Sept Alpha: Unknown, Athro Black Fury (the Sept Alpha always holds the title of 'Reverend Mother'; to date, no male has ever attempted to claim leadership of the sept)
Caern Warder: Unknown
Moon Bridges: Unknown

Former Residents: Slash
Visitors: None
OOC Contact: Slash

History: The Sept of Our Holy Mother was formed with human outreach in mind. When a caern of healing was discovered very near to an old church, the Black Furies and Children of Gaia moved in and set up shop, devoting the site to Unicorn. It didn't take them long to acquire several of the nearby buildings and convert them into a homeless shelter, which drew the Bone Gnawers soon thereafter. The church and its environs are old and more than a little worn, but both sept and community members manage to keep them in reasonable repair. It does have a tendency to close 'for repairs' during the full moon, however. Services offered at the church are a Gaia-friendly and largely non-patriarchal variant of Christianity and the occasion pagan rite. The local Garou and their kin haven't been able to keep the neighborhood from being poor, but crime is low and the sense of community is high, so in many ways their efforts have met with great success.

In 2006, however, a string of murders began. It was only the homeless that vanished at first. Then, in 2007, kinfolk and even a young Cliath vanished. The Garou of Our Holy Mother settled in for a seige, which would culminate in an attack by Black Spiral Dancers who were attempting to assassinate the Reverend Mother, an Elder Children of Gaian Theurge. While several sept members perished in the fighting, they were ultimately successful in driving off the attack. Ironically, the Reverend Mother passed away of natural causes four months later. The sept lost a beloved leader, and the Garou Nation one of its heroes. The current Sept Alpha, an Athro Black Fury, struggles to fill her predecessor's shoes, but continues to keep the sept and the community safe.

Additional Notes: A few current (2009) NPC members of the sept include Melanie ~Midnight Arrow~, Fostern Black Fury Galliard; BJ ~Ironguts~, Fostern Bone Gnawer Ahroun; Jerome ~Smogmaker~, Fostern Bone Gnawer Theurge, and Petal ~Stardust~, Fostern Philodox from the Children of Gaia.

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