"They were becoming like a little Mafia. If one committed a mischief, the others would not tell."
—Franco Diligenti

Kindred Clans

  • Baali
  • Clan Banu Haqim (formerly Assamite) - silent masters of assassination, killing for hire and collecting blood for rituals to bring them closer to their progenitor.
  • Clan Brujah - once philosopher-kings of an ancient civilization, but are now rebels and rogues with a fearsome inclination toward frenzy.
  • Clan Gangrel - bestial and untamed, often coming to resemble the animals over which they demonstrate mastery.
  • Clan Hecata (both subsumes and replaces Clan Cappadocian and Clan Giovanni) - an insular, extended family of vampires who practice the art of commanding the dead while commanding global finances.
  • Clan Lasombra - proud nobles who command the very essence of darkness and shadow — to the point of worshipping it, some say.
  • Clan Malkavian - a clan fractured by madness, each member irrevocably suffering under the yoke of insanity.
  • Clan Ministry (formerly Followers of Set) - a religious movement that evangelizes the example of a chthonic god, while seeking out the world’s secret places and protecting ancient artifacts.
  • Clan Nosferatu - hideously disfigured by the Embrace, so they keep to the sewers shadows and traffic in the secrets they collect.
  • Clan Ravnos - nomads and tricksters who can force the mind to see what isn’t there, though they are slaves to the vices they indulge in.
  • Clan Toreador - Cainites that enjoy every sensual pleasure the world has to offer, idolizing physical beauty and the adoration of their thralls.
  • Clan Tremere - vampiric sorcerers that wield the supernatural power of their past as a hermetic house, though they became vampires through treachery and artifice.
  • Clan Tzimisce - eldritch Old World lords who have little in common with the mortal world and can manipulate flesh and bone at a whim.
  • Clan Ventrue - observe the noblesse oblige of vampire society, though their entitlement and greed encourages them to seek ever more at the expense of others.

Garou Tribes

Awakened Traditions

Technocracy Conventions

Native America Tribes
























List of evil corporations

Fox Newscorp - For their willingness to spread misinformation
Nestle - For their exploitation of consumers in developing countries
Amazon - For their exploitation of workers and small businesses around the world
Verizon - For their privilaged access to the FCC and its exploitation to undermine Net Neutrality
Meta Platforms - For complicitness in allowing the spread of misinformation and falsehoods

Nestle: don't breastfeed your children buy our formula instead.
Amazon: We wish we didn't even have to pay our warehouse workers, but you know that's slavery, I guess.
Verizon: We own you…ahem…your data we mean.
Facebook: Fake news oh well - free country.


JP Morgan Chase
Bank Of America
Wells Fargo
Goldman Sachs

Nestle has extremely predatory business practices and steals water from poorer nations. They will not get a single cent of my money as much as I can help it.
Amazon’s treatment of their employees is highly inhumane, so I try to avoid them.
Twitter shadowbans people who don’t agree politically, which is a cowardly and dishonest method of repression.
Facebook sells data to advertisers, despite what Sheet Music Boss might tell you, and kept it under wraps for a long time.
Monsanto has produced numerous chemicals that are terrible for the environment, like Roundup, and continues to push for their acceptance. They’re also greedy in forcing farmers to buy their products, and charging royalties if cross-pollination happens.

Destructive cults.
Doomsday cults.
Political cults.
Polygamist cults.
Racist cults.
Terrorist cults.

"Ramtha®, C&E®, Consciousness & Energy®, Fieldwork®, The Tank®, Blue Body®, Twilight®, Torsion Process®, Neighborhood Walk®, The Grid®, Create Your Day®, Become a Remarkable Life®, Mind As M"

The cult label is pretty subjective. One person's cult is another person's misunderstood but perfectly valid and freely-chosen spiritual path.

That said…the Love Family started in Queen Anne in the 1960's, and there are still remnants of the group living around the area.

And of course, Mars Hill Church was called a cult by a whole lot of people. The organization that formerly operated under that name has gone out of business, but some of the churches that were affiliated are still around, led by some of the same people.

There's the Sri Chinmoy followers… they run the Silence Heart Nest restaurant.

Oddly enough, not limited to Seattle. I moved from Chicago three years ago and there's a restaurant that's nearly identical to Silence Heart Nest, right down to the Sri Chinmoy followers. My boyfriend loved it because they had a decent vegan brunch, but I could never get past the creep factor enough to enjoy it.

Guessing it is just property owners avoiding taxes. The founder was a faith healer from the stories I've heard. In the 70? they had crazy stuff happen at a big house they own on the top of Leschi/Madrona. All gossip now but digging around at police reports brings some interesting stuff up….

I don't know if this counts, but Mount Rainier is considered a cosmic vortex by some new-age people.

Ah man, how about Reverence Bruce Howard?

I used to watch his crazy show on cable access. Had a storefront in Ballard in the '90s.

There is a Master's Commission in Kent.

They're based in Phoenix at Phoenix First Assembly.

Sun Myung Moon owns the old Denny homestead in Windermere just south of Magnuson Park.

I'm not sure if all Gurdjieff groups are cults, but there is a Gurdjieff group in E. Fremont and some Gurdjieff groups have been called cults.

Syndicate technically owns everything Pentex does since they're run by the Syndicate.

And the Glasswalkers likely own a lot of the green energy companies. I actually establish that there's a sect of the Technocracy who work with Glasswalkers in the far-future technology department, working on Fusion and shit that functions on Earth.

Siemens Gamesa.

GE Renewable Energy.

Berkshire Hathaway Energy.

Cypress Creek Renewables.

NextEra Energy Resources.

Lasombra is predominantly a church organization, so they compete with the Shadow Lords, Glasswalkers, and Celestial Chorus for control of religion in certain areas-plus all the misc religious vampires. No real corporations that I can think of here.

I look at it like this; the Syndicate own the corporations, the Ventrue buy stock.

Syndicate probably owns the biggest companies or at the very least those who run those corporations have Syndicate ties.

Tesla (Which is run by the Void Engineers)











Virtual Adepts probably owns




Ventrue probably own some of the more soul-sucking corporations


Amazon (Jeff Bezos is 100% a Ghoul)

Many Law Firms and Loan Organizations






Canonically, Disneyland is a Technocracy (*EDIT) construct (Los Angeles by Night)- so I'd interpret Disney as a Syndicate corporation as a whole.

Glass Walkers do environmentally friendly stuff but mostly take what they can get.

The Syndicate and Shinzui probably have big tech companies and stuff like the military industrial complex. They also have their fingers in a bunch of other pies but in a more spread out fashion.

Pentex has everything seriously evil. They probably also have some part of the military industrial complex, they have the biggest polluters, they have companies like Nestle that destroy groundwater supplies.

Ventrue and kindred in general are unlikely to have serious stakes in major corporations - too much exposure. So they probably control a lot of mid level local corporations and have a lot of money in banking and just stocks.

Elon Musk MAY have been a Virtual Adept at one time, but he's sold out and become Syndicate, while keeping really good relations with the Void Engineers. In fact, he may be some sort of Syndicate/Void Engineer liaison official.

Weaver corporatiins


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