Order Of Hermes

Much like in the wider magickal world, the Order of Hermes has served as the central organizer of
the Seattle Traditions. The head Hermetic here is Eighth Degree Master of Ars Conjunctionis Pymarion de
Mus bani Bonisagus, Magister Scholae, Keeper of the Wandering House, Grantor of the Binds of
Cofraternity, though most call him Pymarion. He is a very strict teacher (such is the nature of Hermetic
education) but he is less stuck-up than the average Hermetic master and treats masters of other Traditions
as equals, not deluded lessers. The Wandering House is the central Hermetic sanctum. Few other Hermetic
mages have sanctums within the city - it’s just too expensive and crowded to build a proper wizard’s lair.
They prefer to have towers and estates out in the woods and mountains.

85 Pike St 98101 Seattle, Seattle, Washington 98101

Also a sanctum in Tacoma and Olympia. All three are connected by portals. Additionally, Portland and Boise also have sanctums.

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