O'Malley Syndicate

The O'Malley Syndicate is a crime cartel based in Seattle.

The O'Malley Syndicate is a Mafia crime cartel formed by Donna Rowena O'Malley of the Irish Finnigan Family who also controls the other two Italian Mafia families in the city, the Bigio Family and the Ciarniello family. Her cartel runs all Mafia operations in Seattle.

Rowena was there when Capo Maurice "The Butcher" Bigio died during a visit to his wife's grave. With Bigio gone, Rowena rose to the top position in the Seattle Mafia, and Joey Gianelli took control of what was left of the Bigio family business.

The cartel is involved in a wide variety of criminal enterprises. Under Rowena's leadership the families operate rackets in loan-sharking, the fencing of stolen goods, drugs, gambling, smuggling, prostitution, and the production and distribution of illegal video (including porn and snuff films). They control most of the docks in Downtown, as they have been "unionizing" the docks.

The worst racket they are involved in is the sexual exploitation of kids. As in their pimps and flesh-traders recruiting among the runaways and street kids for their prostitution operations. They also use those same kids for their shoots, as in porn and snuff.

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