The Nakatomi-gumi is a Yakuza clan based in Seattle.

The Nakatomi had been enemies of the Watadas for generations.

Unknown as to why, but the Nakatomi oyabun's daughter had been seeing dating the Nakatomi oyabun's son. There was speculation that it could lead to a mob war. A real life Romeo and Juliett scenario.

The Nakatomi-gumi is a very progressive Yakuza gumi. It is the Seattle clan with the most women in its ranks (percentage wise).

The Nakatomi-gumi was formed out of the betrayal of the Watada-rengo by oyabun Hanzo Shotozumi in an event known as the Nakatomi Uprising. He broke away from Watada-rengo because of the way Oyabun Watada had been treating its members.

Nakatomi-sama has proven to be a very persuasive leader whom displays extensive shows of support for other members, and encourages them to follow his example. Which has led to a web of obligation and a spirit of cooperation among the members of the rengo.

They were firm believers in the "New Way". It's the second largest Yakuza group in Seattle, and expanded its membership and operations. The oyabun was a passionate believer in challenging the old ways of the Watada-rengo. The gumi was much less traditional and far more eclectic than other yakuza clans.

Nakatomi-gumi clan handles most of the Yakuza operations in northern and western Seattle The Nakatomi also oversees most of Seattle's Yakuza smuggling routes, opening up several new routes thanks to deals with the Kawaru-gumi in Vladisvostok and Nagato Combine in New Jersey.

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