Manchester Group
Manchester Group
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The Manchester Group is a hunter group.

Project: Anathema

The Manchester Group has begun a new experiment in an attempt to create a "vampire vaccine", making it impossible for vampires to increase their numbers. In several cities, many health-care facilities were informed of several special medical trials for different ailments all for patients with an AB- blood type. In Seattle, these patients were referred to Highgate Medical Clinic where the patients unknowingly took part in the experiment.

Methodical Chaos

The Sabbat spies found the local branch of the Manchester Group, a known Hunter organization, and discovered a list of patients set aside for special purposes. Not knowing the full explanation, but always in the mood to damage the Group, they located all the current Special Patients; ten total. They were dominated, kidnapped and relocated to an abandoned warehouse where they were all embraced and allowed to fight until only four were left. They were dominated to forget the last week of their lives and left to roam.

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