A kith is one of several different types of kithain, analogous to the clans and tribes of other monsters.

Kiths are aspects of humanity's dreams and nightmares that give the fae form. Multiple and multi-faceted, Kiths are found among faeries all over the world.

While the history of the Seelie Court and Unseelie court, as well as their own oral traditions, suggest that kiths have always existed, other sources claim something different. They tell of an age where faeriekind was divided only into three groups and four courts, warring against each other in a war of seasons. This age ended in 1230, after which the fae began to mask themselves in mortal myths and tales, creating the modern kiths in an attempt to adapt to a world where the Mists they themselves had created became increasingly hostile.

The kithain kiths, the changelings from Europe and its cultural sphere of influence, are the most numerous and well-known around the world.

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