Iteration X

Iteration X has been moving in in droves recently thanks to the Upgrade. They’ve been setting up
in office spaces all throughout South Lake Union, converting them into workshops, supply stations, and
barracks for HIT Marks and other cyborg forces. The army of indistinguishable techbros flooding the streets
are at least partially augmented. Some of them can even get away with some pretty blatant augments in
public (“It’s a new AR rig! Just like Google Glass!”). Their more serious strongholds are just outside the city,
stocked with plenty of killer robots, stealth surveillance drones, and high-yield weaponry as they prepare for
war with the Traditions.

The head of Iteration X operations in Seattle, Georgia Marishkova, is a trim, no-nonsense woman
with the kind of body you can only get from top-notch genetic engineering, extensive cybernetic
augmentation, and a rigorous exercise regimen. She considers herself to be the very pinnacle of what
humanity is capable of and views “lesser people” as contemptuous sheep.

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