Hollow Ones

Hollow Ones are a group of mages who have either been orphaned or rejected the Traditions, but refused to join forces with the Technocratic Union. Instead, they are a subculture of ragtags and antiestablishmentarianists who take what they like from every tradition and fuse it together.

As you might imagine from a city that’s famously dark and gloomy, the Hollow Ones have a
substantial presence in Seattle. Hollowers in the city tend to divide into three camps, each with an immense
amount of sniping and infighting between them.

The High Aesthetic are focused on perfecting their magickal art to the exclusion of almost all else,
like a sect of gothic-punk monks. This manifests in elaborate outfits, impeccably well-appointed Victorian
chantries, complex BDSM rituals, and an absolute mastery of the ability to stand around at parties and
clubs looking beautiful and bored. Their spiritual leader is Fleur-du-Mal, a gender-shifter with a haughty
attitude and model-like cheekbones who looks amazingly fantastic in any outfit. He/she/xe is known for
creating elaborate magickal outfits like waistcoats that glimmer like a starfield or a dress that undulates and
phosphoresces like a deep-sea invertebrate.

The Slipstreamers are technomantically inclined and tend to hang out around Virtual Adepts and
Etherite circles, as well as F/SF fandom and conventions. They embrace retrofuturism and old technology
and revel in outdated cyberpunk aesthetics. While they don’t have any leadership per se, a man named
Offworlder (after his forum handle of many years) is the most active in organizing meetups and community
moderation. His attitude is that all weirdos are welcome in his ranks, and he boots anyone being disruptive.

Finally, the Gay Satan Army are focused on radical action and protecting those in need, especially
homeless Orphans and queer youth. They are kind and gentle to those who deserve it, ready to fuck up
anyone who threatens those in their care, and unafraid of fighting against the Technocratic Union and other
systemic forms of oppression by any means necessary. Their leader, Baphomet, is an older trans woman who
dresses like the ultimate punk mom.

Despite the constant jabs at each other on their forums and at parties, the three factions all show
remarkable unity when threatened from the outside. Anyone that threatens one Hollower, threatens them
all. And even when the Gay Satan Army gets themselves targeted by Syndicate enforcer teams for smashing
windows at a corporate headquarters, their brothers, sisters, and other siblings will have their back no
questions asked.

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