Gossamer Scale

Name: Sept of the Gossamer Scale
Location: Deschutes National Forest, Oregon
Composition: Wendigo, Uktena, and Children of Gaia
Totem: Salmon
Nature: Sacrifice
Level: 1
Sept Alpha: Unknown
Caern Warder: Unknown

Former Residents: N/A
Visitors: N/A
OOC Contact: Tim Bakshi


Originally a Wendigo Caern held by the Tetawken (Cayuse) members of that Tribe, the small group of Garou at the Gossamer Scale found themselves reaching out to the Uktena and later the Children of Gaia for aid in securing their lands as the Europeans moved in on all fronts. The Gaians proved much less a threat in terms of holding onto the Sept's territory than other whites, and their Kinfolk were instrumental in making the area a National Park so the Protectorate would remain free of development and despoilment.


The Caern's power has never been great, but the small cluster of Garou who stand as its defenders don't mind that much. Their connection to the Deschutes River and its aquatic spirits is intense, and by extension the Columbia River to the north is like an old and beloved grandmother. Due to its diminutive power and location in the midst of a National Park, many Garou miss this Sept as they move through Oregon, and it is said that its members hold numerous Gifts and Rituals long forgotten by more cosmopolitan Septs and Garou, but likewise lore that is common among other parts of the world is not found here.


River, Otter, Fisher, Salmon, Trout, Frog, and similar water Totems are common among the small cluster of packs that live around this caern.

Local Packs:

Resonance, Totem: River (Little Deschutes River), Alpha: Owen Michaels (Fostern Children of Gaia Theurge)


Deschutes River State Park
Deschutes National Forest

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