"Yeah, I'm pouring color on your black and white disguise
Yeah, It's like seeing the world for the first time"

—Skyhill Black and White

Glamour is the stuff of dreams; the energy that fuels the Dreaming and the powers of the Fae.

The stuff of Dreams, the magical clay, the energy of awe, the workings of wonder, the breeze that blows the cobwebs of disbelief from the eyes: Glamour is all these things and more. The ability to live one's dreams, to perceive the true and fantastic essence of the world, abides in Glamour. Everyone can create it, even normal humans. Only the fae, however, and some gifted Kinain, have the ability to give it form, to use it, and to wield its progeny as a weapon. Only these have the a connection to and command of Glamour that no other creature shares.

Raw Glamour can take physical form, and changelings can not only perceive it, but also see its presence. It appears to them as multi-colored flickers and tentacles of ever changing energy. Unlike an aura, raw Glamour does not radiate, but seems to caress and wind through things and beings, never still, ever evolving. When imbued in a cantrip, Glamour sparks and flickers around both the caster and the target of the cantrip. For this reason, it becomes very difficult for a changeling to cast a cantrip without all the other changelings present realizing exactly who did it. A Changeling has to be extremely subtle to hide their use of Glamour from other creatures of the Dreaming.

Once infused into an item or being, Glamour becomes more rigid, but nevertheless maintains a certain ethereal quality. For example, a chimerical sword swung through the air will leave a trail of shimmering Glamour in its wake.

The antithesis of Glamour is Banality.

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