The Euthanatoi don’t have strong numbers in Seattle, but that gives them one advantage that the
other Traditions don’t have: they present a unified front. When the Euthanatoi must act, they do so swiftly
and with little debate. Since everyone knows everyone in the local Euthanatos, they’re also unnervingly
friendly and jocular for a group of death mages. They treat each other almost like an extended family,
coming around to stop and chat and bring baked goods.

Nikki Lal, a small and chipper woman with the incongruous title “Destroyer of Destroyers,” is the
head of the primary Euthanatos chantry. Though her body is young, her Avatar is very old, and she bears
the wisdom of several thousand years of lives within her. She is thoughtful and cautious, considering all
options in her head before she comes to a decision. Recently, she has become one of the loudest voices
supporting full-on war against the Technocratic Union. She is insistent that it must happen now, as if she knows
something that nobody else does.

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