Endron International is the largest and most profitable of the Pentex subsidiaries.

Endron began as Premium Oil in Pennsylvania during the height of the American oil boom. Premium Oil soon fell under the sway of the Wyrm when Jeremiah Lassater, its founder, made a deal with a trapped Bane once imprisoned by the Uktena. Unfortunately for the growing company, its new purview of global corruption left the oil business in question, causing them to fall behind like the Rockefellers. In 1916, the heads of Pentex Incorporated spun off the old assets of Premium Oil and founded Endron International, as a public corporation. Pentex acquired the majority of shares during the Great Depression and Endron has become a vital part of their activities ever since.

What it is: The world’s largest oil refiner, which has spent millions of dollars to cast doubt on climate science—oh, and which actually pitches itself as a technology company.

One evil thing: In the 1970s and 1980s, Exxon hired scientists to conduct internal studies on climate change well before it became a mainstream issue. Upon discovering that carbon emissions were affecting global temperatures, the company did not change course but rather worked to spread misinformation on climate science and lobbied to prevent the U.S. from joining international environmental treaties, like the 1998 Kyoto Protocol.

Our respondents say: “Not only do the emissions it’s responsible for contribute mightily to warming, but it has long sponsored organized and institutionalized efforts to spread denial about the root of the problem.” —Brian Merchant, OneZero

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