Earthbound are a notorious group of demons known for their corruption. While the Fallen still bear some resemblance to humanity due to their human hosts and low-Torment, the Earthbound are utter monstrosities consumed with Torment and driven mad by depravity and worship. The Earthbound were summoned to Earth by mages centuries before the Sixth Great Maelstrom, giving them an advantage over the demons of the modern day. In ancient times, their cults extended into the hearts of great empires. They ruled from temples heaped with skulls that echoed with the discordant chants of the faithful, drawing humanity down a path of slavery and corruption. No longer angels nor wholly demons, the Earthbound are the nightmarish products of divine power and the darkest parts of the human soul.

Instead of inhabiting human hosts, they reside in inanimate objects known as reliquaries, either because they are too powerful for a human body to endure their presence, because they were summoned and bound into such an object, or because there simply was no suitable new human host around when they lost their old hosts.


The object containing the Earthbound's essence is called its reliquary. Reliquaries can channel and contain vast amounts of energy, and are far superior to human hosts in terms of raw power (as an example, no Fallen can affect an area with a radius of more than a few miles with their Lore, but some Earthbound can potentially affect the entire planet at once). Unfortunately, having a body that can't move, has only a dim perception of its surroundings, and is completely without sensory input besides sight and sound isn't that much of an improvement compared to the Abyss. A reliquary's essential blank-slate state and lack of a moral compass furthermore provides no relief from the millennia-old wrath and madness of the Abyss, and as a result the Earthbound degenerate further and further as time wears on, unable to escape their own Torment.

Earthbound are so far removed from their angelic state that they no longer bear the Visages of the house they once belonged to. Instead they develop unique forms with far more power than their old forms. However, to reflect their twisted forms, they also bear grotesqueries, which are deformities that render mortals into mindless, babbling beings; even the most debased, tormented Fallen must turn away from an Earthbound in utter disgust.

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