Cult of Quadigsi

The Cult of Quadigsi is a small but steadily growing underground cult that worships Quadigsi, an ancient creature from local native american folklore. They it is the physical manifestation of an otherworldly horror with vast supernatural powers. Led by a charismatic Infernalist sorcerer, the unholy union meets and performs its nefarious rites in a variety of makeshift temples throughout the city, going randomly from site to site to confound anyone who might be observing.

Quadigsi is a bit of Native American folklore, an entity variously described as a giant snake, a giant octopus or a huge humanoid creature — possibly as tall as a skyscraper — with aspects of both of these creatures. Supposedly, it lives in Puget Sound, where it occasionally rises to have a quick meal before gong back into the deep. There is, of course, no hard evidence for the existence of such a creature. Most scholars believe it to be pure myth, or possibly exaggerated tales of whales who wandered into the Sound.

Quadigsi is real, but unknown to most of the cultists, is actually the earthbound demon, Eiekiel.

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