Cult Of Ecstasy

For a group of hippies, the Cult has proven to be a major power player in the Seattle Traditions.
Their freewheeling, easygoing nature has made them the perfect go-betweens among these often-quarreling
factions. Who can say no to the guys who throw the best summer backyard parties? Most Ecstatics make
their home in Fremont (naturally) and the University District, but the forces of gentrification have been pushing
them further out to the fringes of the city.

Doc Willard and his Magic Men are the most prominent Ecstatic cabal, a group of aging hippies
who live in a big yellow house in Fremont. The Doc is a wild-haired man with tanned and leathery skin and
a big smile. He does his best to keep an air of neutrality and be the balance point between those who want
to openly fight the Technocratic Union and those who’d rather bide their time. Secretly, he’s been in a relationship
with a Progenitor for some time now. If things come to a head, he’s afraid he’ll be forced to take arms
against her.

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