A Chantry is a gathering point for collaborating sorcerers, often at the site of a Node or an area that provides some degree of shelter and security.

While a Chantry may conceivably be a cave, part of a forest, or some other natural location, they are typically buildings that were specifically designed as haven for magic users or have since been dedicated to that purpose. Chantries are often heavily protected by means both mundane and magical, and entrance may only be granted to members of a particular magical society. Thus, wars between rival groups of sorcerers often involves seeking out and attempting to destroy such locations, while others seek to infiltrate a Chantry in order to seize any magical lore and artifacts that may be within.

The term was carried with the Tremere when they fell to vampirism, so their communal havens are also referred to as Chantries, although they are rarely situated over a Node.

Most Chantries are founded by a single cabal. This cabal can be of a single paradigm or mixed. This founders usually have the first say in establishing guidelines and laws within the Chantry. Some Chantries have 2-10 cabals active within their walls. The larger the Chantry becomes, the more Nodes and Quintessence supplies are needed to sustain it.

The most powerful Chantries have an Umbral reflection, sometimes in a specialized Horizon Realm. The greatest of these exist primary in the spiritual worlds, with several physical locations on earth that allow entry. Most of these were cut off from the physical world after the Avatar Storm.

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