The Camarilla is the most organized of the vampiric sects, an elite club that favors tradition and control of the mortal populace from behind the scenes. Across their domains, they enforce six major Traditions, chief among them being the Masquerade. All clans have an individual presence in the Ivory Tower, though a select group of pillar clans make up the core of its membership.

Once the Camarilla welcomed all Kindred who obeyed its laws, but recent events have caused the leadership to adopt more exclusive membership rules. No Anarchs, Caitiff, or thin-blooded vampires are allowed to exist within the sect.

In addition to preventing the growing mortals masses from discovering the existence of vampires, the Camarilla aims to maintain the status quo of Kindred society; as such, much of its structure and traditions mirror that of Cainite society in feudal Europe in the Dark Ages, and places it at odds with the agenda of the Sabbat and Anarchs, both of whom seek to overthrow archaic Kindred society.

Princely Domain

A city qualifies to be a princely domain if it has a population of more than 700,000 or it is a sufficiently isolated population center.


Status is the term that defines the level of trustworthiness or respect within Camarilla Society. It determines the weight with which a Kindred's word should be regarded, as well as the "pecking order" within Kindred society. It is a resume of adjectives that define character, rank, and standing in the Camarilla. Simply put, those with more status can demand respect from, or even ignore, those with less. In cases where there is a dispute between Kindred and the evidence is lacking, Status, and who has more of it, is always the deciding factor in who is right.

Status only pertains to one specific society (Sect). A Camarilla Vampire who learns a Sabbat member's Status, for example, may alter her choice on how to interact with that Vampire, but Status is never accepted or respected across Sect divisions.

Status is listed as a Background for each character with a rating from 0 to 10. Your base status is dependent upon your role in the society and based on the official ranking of Kindred within the Camarilla:
0. Unreleased Kindred

  1. Acknowledged Kindred
  2. Position Holders (Keeper of Elysium, Harpy, Sheriff, Scourge) Note: Assistant positions (Steward, Subharpy, Deputy, Hound, Whip, etcetera) do not get this as their starting status.
  3. Seneschal
  4. Primogen
  5. Prince
  6. Archon or Alaster
  7. Justicar
  8. Inner Council

From this starting number, a Kindred can go up or down in status depending on how well they are respected (or feared) by other Kindred. Kindred do not lose a held position just because they lose status; it just means they are not as respected as their position warrants.

In Seattle

The camera has been fighting an uphill battle since the first prince of Seattle. The second anarch Revolt saw an explosion in the anarch population and the next several decades was a clash of back and forth between the two factions. However it was N30 that cemented the anarch's power in the city. The Prince and the primagen have been little more than Camarillo representatives in the city, rather than effective rulers. While battery seems to be content to maintain a truce in interest of peace and stability, she is being pressured from outside camarilla sources to oust the anarch influence from the city. Lately the anarch free state has been losing its stability and Seattle would be a tactical advantage in order to regain the West Coast. Not to mention full unfettered control over Seattle's ports.

There are also many resident Camarillo kindred who tired of the anarchs presence in the city. Many are offended by their mere presence, others find it humiliating to have to defer to Young and experienced anarchs in order to perform certain actions in the city. Many Elders feel that the young upstarts have not properly earned their power and influence, but most are content to wait as they see the anarchs as a bright Burning Flame that will soon fade

They influence the city through politics and local businesses. Kindred prefer to control what they have immediate access to and tend not to go for multinational corporations or anything nebulous like cryptocurrency. They prefer their influences Hands-On

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