Caern of the White Oak

Name: Sept of the White Oak
Location: In the forest outside Pittsburgh
Composition: Red Talon dominated with Uktena, Black Fury, and some lupus Silver Fang presence tolerated
Totem: Griffin
Nature: Rage
Level: Two
Sept Alpha: Blood on the Line (Athro Red Talon Philodox)
Caern Warder: Fishbait (Adren Red Talon Ahroun)
Moon Bridges: There is a strong Moon Bridge from this caern to Three Rivers, in the city of Pittsburgh

Former Residents: Blood Running Rivers
Visitors: Anne
OOC Contact: Wizards


This Sept is allied with the Sept of Three Rivers, a Glass Walker and Bone Gnawer held Caern in the city of Pittsburgh. Only because of the strength of the alliance have the two septs been able to survive the constant threats from Vampires and other agents of the Wyrm.

Griffin is a demanding totem, and rage is a hard line to follow. The Red Talons here accept no deviation from their Tribal Totem's expectations. The city dwellers of Three Rivers are only grudgingly tolerated because of need, and those Uktena and Black Fury members of the sept have earned their place among the lupus born.

Persons of Note:

Fishbait - Adren Red Talon Ragabash - One of the more tolerant members of his tribe at the sept, Fishbait is known for his less aggressive stance on humans, believing that they should merely be driven back to the cities when they wander into the woods, rather than killed on sight.


Five miles west of the city, and crossing the border into neighboring West Virginia, lies one of the larger wilderness preserves remaining on the eastern seaboard. Forest stretches for almost fifteen miles north to south and more than half that from east to west. (If you're looking at a Real Life Map, combine Raccoon Creek State Park, Hillman State Park, and stretch down to Cross Creek County Park, then stretch across to Tomlinson Run State Park in West Virginia.) Lush eastern forest stretches through low hills, making the perfect home for the Red Talons and their kin.

The caern itself is nestled into the valley in the northern finger of Main Lake, and in true form to most Red Talon caerns, there is little to mark it as anything out of the ordinary.

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