Caern of the Changing Leaves

Location: Raleigh, North Carolina, near Raven Rock State Park
Composition: Children of Gaia
Totem: Frog
Nature: Wisdom
Level: 2
Sept Alpha: Deanna Weston ~Inner-Light~ (Adren Philodox)
Caern Warder: Kristoff Montagne ~Silver-Song~ (Adren Theurge) (Also holds Groundskeeper/Master of the Rite)
Moon Bridges: Allied to various septs in surrounding areas, and One World in NYC.
Former Residents: Kenneth, Starcaller, Nadine, Juliana
Visitors: None

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The Changing Leaves make their base in the forests of Raven Rock Park, but also aid in the reintroduction and breeding programs of red wolf conservation programs in the southeast, as well as forest and wetlands preservation.

As far as tribal politics go, the Children have been trying to gain a better foothold and influence local Garou movements.

The native tribes are largely non-existant, but the occassional Uktena or Silent Strider does pass through.

A fair ranging Kinfolk network communicates and bases itself through Raleigh. All Kinfolk are treated with a decent respect, though they have their fair share of Garou-Kin troubles.

Persons of Note

  • Wheldon Fights-Fire-With-Fire Smith; Fostern Metis Ahroun, Master of the Challenge/Keeper of the Land
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