Caern Of Changing Seasons

Caern of Changing Seasons: Open and administered by Silver Fangs, Fianna and Children of Gaia

Sept of Changing Seasons

Level four
Gauntlet 3
Type healing
totem salamander
open caern

The Great Smoky Mountains National Park covers 517,000 Acres of mountains along the North Carolina Tennessee border. Geologically these mountains contain both metamorphic rock from the Blue Ridge and more recent sedimentary Stone common to the Tennessee valley. Granite nice quartzites shales slates shifts and sandstones all bear witness to the long sometimes violent and dramatic evolution of the Hills. Within the national park are large stands of Virgin Timber which make up the largest single area of unlogged forest in the eastern US. Due to the vast diversity of biological life found there the park has been designated as an international biosphere preserve. The protectorate is bordered on the south by the massive Fontana Lake system and on the east by The cataloochee Divide. On the North the border is formed by us 73 which runs through the Tennessee towns of Gatlinburg and Townsend and on the west by The Chilli Lake and Great Smokies National Park which includes numerous distinctive rock formations waterfalls Heath and grassy balds as well as an abundance of streams. The o'connelly little and little pigeon Rivers along with the many Creeks water the national park and provide homes for aquatic and amphibian life efforts by the park authorities to minimize the number of Roads particularly paved ones have only partially been successful. The Newfound Gap Road known outside the park is US 441 bisex the park on a northwest southeast axis from Gatlinburg Tennessee to Cherokee North Carolina. Other smaller roads have made for rays by car into the Parklands possible. Over 900 miles of trails including Bridal Trails footpaths logging roads in ancient Pathways once used by the native tribes allow access by foot to some of the parks more remote regions

The bond of the sept of the changing seasons encompasses the national park and the nearby town of Gatlinburg on the Tennessee side of the park although it is in unusually large areas the importance of the land surrounding the actual Karen makes it necessary for the resident garu to keep a watchful eye over the Park's entirety. In addition there is a constant threat of outside intrusions in the form of tourists well-meaning nature enthusiasts and more malevolent factors such as the development of adjacent areas and pollution from acid rain and automobile exhaust. Areas overseen by the ceps members include some of the parks more spectacular and popular features. Mountains such as Clingmans Dome Mount Goyette mountlaconta the chimney tops cataloochee mountain and Balsam Mountain are obvious centers of Attraction but these prominatories are only a few of the natural attractions contained within the park. Silers Andrews and Gregory balds provide Prime examples of the spectacular treeless clearings of grass or Heath whose Origins have puzzled naturalists. Waterfalls in Cascades such as Laurel Falls Ramsey Cascade and Rainbow Falls Mark where time and nature have carved passages through the mountains.

The sept of the changing seasons also act as Guardians for the animal population of the park in addition to the black bears for whom the park is a sanctuary and the river otter brought back from Extinction the guru have a personal interest in the protection of the reinsertion of a small red wolf population. The historic Villages of Cades Cove with its carefully preserved building stands as a memorial to the families that once inhabited the lands now claimed by the National Park. Park authorities allow a few ranchers to graze cattle on the Cades Cove area not far from the site chosen for the insertion of the red wolves. The occasional loss of livestock to the Wolves has resulted in complaints by cattle owners some of whom have threatened to take action against the wolves

The wild boars who inhabit the park are an object of concern for the sept introduced to a nearby Hunting Preserve in the early 20th century many escape and now roam the Parklands where they compete with the black bears and other indigenous Wildlife for food and territory. Rumors hint that some boars have been corrupted by the worm in order to ravage the landscape these Tails serve to increase the steps watchfulness with regard to these greedy Intruders

The Karen of the sept of the changing seasons lies near the top of blanket mountain. Less accessible than some of the other mountains in the park the hike to the top is considered strenuous the relative privacy makes concealment of the can less difficult than in a more popular location. The heart of the Karen lies near a deep pool surrounded by thick growths of rhododendron. It is from the special qualities of the pool that the Karen derives its healing character. The umbral image of the national park reflects the original unspoiled beauty of the mountains as they were when the pure ones first arrived. Where man-made areas exist such as campgrounds and Ranger or fire Towers the brightness diminishes somewhat as the elements of the Weaver are visible in the form of web-like structures. Places once owned by logging companies and other Mercantile interests show signs of the pain inflicted upon gaia's surface. Even where these areas have been reclaimed by Nature a lingering sadness remains as a permanent reminder of the sufferings of the land

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