Caern at the Three Rivers

Name: The Sept at Three Rivers
Location: Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania -
Composition: Primarily Glass Walker and Bone Gnawer with some Silver Fang and Get of Fenris presence
Totem: Steel March
Nature: Will
Level: 2
Sept Alpha: Marshall ~Forged in Fire~ Allan, Athro Glass Walker Ahroun
Caern Warder: Evelyn ~Closed Circuit~ Plumber, Athro Glass Walker Theurge
Moon Bridges: This caern has a strong Moon Bridge connecting it to White Oak

Former Residents: Kaz, Thane, Brom
OOC Contact: Wizards

Recent Events:


Known originally as the Sept of the Waters Unbounded, an Uktena Caern, it disappeared in the early 1700s. By 1749, the local village of the tribe's kin were killed or driven away by disease. Not much is known of events at the time, but it is thought that Waters Unbounded disappearance may be linked to the disappearance of a great defiler bane, Honeyed Whispers.
Kin of both Silver Fang and Children of Gaia attempted to settle the area without success, forced out by disease and infighting, and eventually the French and Indian Wars. Only after was European settlement of the area finally successful.
In any event, the caern itself was dormant for several decades, before it was reopened by a mixed group of Bone Gnawers and Glass Walkers from Lower Town and Upper Town, respectively. The Sept has had other tribes in membership at various times, including Get of Fenris, Fianna, and Silver Fangs, accompanying waves of immigration of their kin, however the core membership of the Sept has always remained Glass Walker and Bone Gnawer, perhaps because of the deep city roots of the caern itself.

Persons of Note:

Foster ~Dances With Wolves~ Evans, Fostern Glass Walker Ragabash - Named for his ability to deal with the allied Red Talon sept, White Oak, Foster maintains the septs' positive relationship, and has twice been recognized by his elders for his efforts. Despite that, he remains fostern because he is a known Charach, and has only recently managed to regain that rank.


With generous donations from early Silver Fang membership, and well placed investments by the Glass Walkers and their kinfolk, the Sept owns the entire block between Commonwealth Place and Stanwix Street between the highway and Penn Ave. The caern is located in the greenspace between these buildings, which serve both as offices for the Glass Walkers and housing for many of the Sept Members and guests. At the center of the caern is a large, carved boulder, one of the few remaining signs of the original Uktena inhabitants.

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