Population = [(lvl)5 + 10] / 2

Caern is a sacred place to the Garou where they can meet and contact the spirit realms. A desecrated caern is called a "Pit", and Black Spiral Dancers caerns are referred to as "hives".

cairn - a pile of stones, usually as a monument or marker.

A caern is a natural upwelling of Gnosis, the spiritual energies of Gaia, used by the Garou to power their gifts. Caerns also have a very thin gauntlet, allowing easier congress between the physical world and the Umbra. It's possible that a caern's Gnosis actually comes from the Umbra in this fashion.

Caerns are very holy sites to the Garou and other Fera, and they will work to their utmost to claim them and protect them. Occasionally, this will mean claiming it from another group who isn't looking after it responsibly. The Garou social unit of the sept tends to be centered around a caern. Moon bridges may be opened allowing rapid travel between certain allied caerns.

Caerns of the Land of the Towering Trees (Pacific Northwest)

Sept of Eden’s Bliss
Location: Hoh Rainforest, Washington
Caern Type: Wyld
Dominant Tribes: Black Furies, Children of Gaia, Uktena

Sept of the Firestone
Location: Bend, Oregon
Caern Type: Rage & Stamina
Dominant Tribes: Get of Fenris, Shadow Lords
Name Rank Type Location Tribe Population
Great Caern 5 Cooperation Vancouver, British Columbia Multi-tribal -
Caern by the Sea 4 or 5 - British Columbia Coast Wendigo N/A (Lost)
Ragnarr Caern 4 Rage Mount Rainier, Washington Get of Fenris 25
Ymir Caern 4 - - Get of Fenris 30
Bear Creek Caern 3 - - Fianna and Bone Gnawers 13 Fianna, 3 Bone Gnawers, 2 Gurahl
Caldron Rock Sept 3 - Beard's Hills, SE Washington Red Talons 10
Menagerie Caern 3 - Seattle Bone Gnawers 18
Moonhowl Caern 3 - - Red Talons 20
Gaia's Justice Caern 2 - - Black Furies 15
Honorguard Caern 2 - - Red Talons 12
Nekelim Caern 2 - Tillamook State Forest, Oregon Wendigo -
Preyscent Caern 2 - - Red Talons 12
Akhachu Caern 1 - - Uktena 7
Gaia Guard Caern 1 - - Silver Fangs 10
Homathko Caern 1 - - Wendigo 10
Kiskatinaw Caern 1 - - Wendigo 10
Little Water Caern 1 - Seattle Glass Walkers 8
Moon Silver Caern 1 - - Silver Fangs 5
Mount Currie Caern 1 - - Wendigo 10
Shrouded Rock Caern 1 Wisdom James Island, Washington Wendigo 10
Sept of the Hidden River - - British Columbia Wendigo -


Battle Snarl Sept; Red Talons; 5
Bountiful Mother Sept; Children of Gaia; 12
Chupkheem Sept; Wendigo; 15
Corporate Raiders; Glass Walkers; 24
Fimbulwinter Sept; Get of Fenris; 30
Forest Ghosts Sept; Silver Fangs; 6
Magister Sept; Shadow Lords; 21
Mukwaam Sept; Uktena; 13
Seanachie Sept; Fianna; 7
The Valkyries; Black Furies; 5
Underdogs Sept (Great Caern); Bone Gnawers; 30

Silent Striders; 2
Stargazers: 3
Various Bone Gnawers in BC; 3 in each city

Caerns of the world

USA and Canada

Garou caerns in the USA (including Alaska and Hawai’i) are numerous, numbering over 300. Many are small and weak and maintained only by a handful of werewolves. Others are ancient and powerful sites that European Garou seized from the Pure Landers, while a few are hidden away and protected by the Pure Land Garou. Though America is called the New World, European Garou adapted so well to the land because it was like Europe before humanity (and leeches and the Wyrm) overran it.

Sept of Broken Mountains
Location: Juneau, Alaska
Caern Type: Will
Dominant Tribes: Silver Fangs

Sept of the Weeping Daughter
Location: Lawson, Alaska
Caern Type: Sorrow
Dominant Tribes: Red Talons only

Sept of the Painted Sands
Location: Navajo Nation, Arizona
Caern Type: Stamina & Strength
Dominant Tribes: Wendigo only

Sept of the Spring
Location: Hot Springs, Arkansas
Caern Type: Healing
Dominant Tribes: Children of Gaia, Uktena

Sept of the Golden Way
Location: San Francisco, California
Caern Type: Visions
Dominant Tribes: Bone Gnawers

Sept of Silicon Streets
Location: Palo Alto, California
Caern Type: Innovation
Dominant Tribes: Glass Walkers

Sept of the Western Eye
Location: San Francisco, California
Caern Type: Wisdom
Dominant Tribes: Children of Gaia, Uktena

Sept of Sif’s Kiss
Location: Vail, Colorado
Caern Type: Strength
Dominant Tribes: Get of Fenris

Sept of the Sleeping Giant
Location: New Haven, Connecticut
Caern Type: Strength
Dominant Tribes: Shadow Lords

Sept of the Cracked Shell
Location: Laurel, Delaware
Caern Type: Wisdom
Dominant Tribes: Uktena

Sept of the Gate
Location: Miami, Florida
Caern Type: Crossroads
Dominant Tribes: Glass Walkers, Silent Striders

Sept of Boundless Resolve
Location: Stone Mountain, Georgia
Caern Type: Rage
Dominant Tribes: Get of Fenris (Swords of Heimdall)

Sept of Ashen Breath
Location: Malaekahana State Park, Hawai’i
Caern Type: Gnosis
Dominant Tribes: Black Furies, Uktena, Stargazers

Sept of No Return
Location: Hells Canyon Wilderness, Idaho
Caern Type: Wyld
Dominant Tribes: Red Talons

Sept of Jupiter
Location: Chicago, Illinois
Caern Type: Luck & Will
Dominant Tribes: Fianna, Shadow Lords

Sept of the True Path
Location: Hoosier National Forest, Indiana
Caern Type: Honor
Dominant Tribes: Fianna

Sept of Far Winds
Location: Greeley, Iowa
Caern Type: Calm
Dominant Tribes: Children of Gaia, Fianna

Sept of the Wild West
Location: Dodge, Kansas
Caern Type: Crossroads
Dominant Tribes: Bone Gnawers, Wendigo

Sept of Bloody Soil
Location: Lynch, Kentucky
Caern Type: Sorrow
Dominant Tribes: Fianna, Red Talons

Sept of the Broken Vista
Location: New Orleans, Louisiana
Caern Type: Streetwise
Dominant Tribes: Bone Gnawers

Sept of Forgotten Waters
Location: New Orleans, Louisiana
Caern Type: Wyld
Dominant Tribes: Black Furies, Fianna

Sept of New Hope
Location: Mount Desert Island, Maine
Caern Type: Plenty
Dominant Tribes: Children of Gaia, Wendigo

Sept of the Bay
Location: Baltimore, Maryland
Caern Type: Gnosis
Dominant Tribes: Bone Gnawers, Children of Gaia, Glass Walkers

Sept of Thirteen Stars
Location: Boston, Massachusetts
Caern Type: Fellowship & Liberty
Dominant Tribes: Bone Gnawers, Fianna

Sept of Ancient Heroes
Location: Ontonagon, Michigan
Caern Type: Fertility
Dominant Tribes: Children of Gaia, Get of Fenris

Sept of the Great Tree
Location: Grand Bois Park, Minnesota
Caern Type: Wyld
Dominant Tribes: Black Furies, Children of Gaia, Fianna

Sept of the Earthen Sea
Location: Tupelo, Mississippi
Caern Type: Gnosis
Dominant Tribes: Fianna

Sept of Memory Lane
Location: Kansas City, Missouri
Caern Type: Streetwise
Dominant Tribes: Bone Gnawers

Sept of the Moon Lake
Location: Kansas City, Missouri
Caern Type: Honor
Dominant Tribes: Fianna, Uktena

Sept of the White Eagle
Location: Glacier National Park, Montana
Caern Type: Fertility & Wyld
Dominant Tribes: Wendigo only

Sept of the Dark Waters
Location: Ogallala, Nebraska
Caern Type: Enigmas & Gnosis
Dominant Tribes: Black Furies, Uktena

Land of Misty Waters (Southeast)

Sept of Cultivated Chrysalis
Location: Belmont, North Carolina
Caern Type: Calm
Dominant Tribes: Fianna, Stargazers

Sept of Shadowcrash
Location: Wetumpka, Alabama
Caern Type: Rage & Wyld
Dominant Tribes: Fianna, Get of Fenris

Sept of Gray Skies
Location: Gatlinburg, Tennessee
Caern Type: Wyld
Dominant Tribes: Fianna

Caern of the Dragonfly
Location: Awendaw, South Carolina
Caern Type: Gnosis
Dominant Tribes: Fianna, Uktena

Land of the Sky Hunters (Deep South)

Sept of Open Arms
Location: Concan, Texas
Caern Type: Fertility
Dominant Tribes: Children of Gaia, Fianna

Land of Sacred Earth (Southwest)

Sept of Luna’s Face
Location: Bonneville Salt Flats, Utah
Caern Type: Stamina
Dominant Tribes: Wendigo

Sept of Starlit Dreams
Location: Las Vegas, Nevada
Caern Type: Luck & Plenty
Dominant Tribes: Glass Walkers only (Wise Guys)

Sept of Gaia’s Memory
Location: Albuquerque, New Mexico
Caern Type: Wisdom
Dominant Tribes: Stargazers, Wendigo

  • Sept of the Story Rock (Arizona); Uktena
  • Sept of the Rippling Flame (Nevada); Uktena
  • Sept of the Spider's Wisdom (Arizona); Uktena
  • Sept of the Fallen Ones (New Mexico); Uktena

Land of Sun's Crossing (California)

Land of the Singing Snow (Northern Arctic)

  • Sept of the Running Ice (Greenland); Wendigo
  • Sept of the Grandmother's Tear (Nunavut); Wendigo
  • Sept of the Howling Winds (Alaska); Wendigo
  • Sept of the Stone Watchers (Nunavut); Wendigo
  • Sept of the Laughing Seal (Alaska); Wendigo

Land of Many Faces (Alaska and Canada)

  • Sept of the Mountain Mirror (Alaska); Wendigo
  • Sept of the Northern Winds (Quebec); Wendigo
  • Sept of the Lowland Spirits (Quebec); Wendigo
  • Sept of the Seam of Heaven (Alaska); Wendigo
  • Sept of the Weeping Daughter (Wrangell Mountains, Alaska); Red Talons
  • Sept of the Northwest Passage; Black Furies
  • 3 Caerns of Gurahl in Rocky Mountains and northern forests

Land of Bountiful Waters (Great Lakes)

Sept of Tumbling Lands
Location: Viroqua, Wisconsin
Caern Type: Gnosis
Dominant Tribes: Fianna, Silver Fangs

  • Sept of the Winding Tree (Ontario); Wendigo
  • Sept of the Shining Island (Ontario); Wendigo
  • Sept of the Frozen Star (Ontario); Wendigo

Land of Swift Waters (Hudson Valley, Lake Ontario and Lake Erie)

Land of the Dawn (North Atlantic Coast)

Sept of the Green
Location: New York City, New York
Caern Type: Fellowship
Dominant Tribes: Bone Gnawers, Glass Walkers

Sept of the Lost Fort
Location: New York City, New York
Caern Type: Stamina
Dominant Tribes: Get of Fenris

Sept of the Hand of Gaia
Location: Rochester, New York
Caern Type: Fertility
Dominant Tribes: Children of Gaia, Stargazers

Sept of the Awakening
Location: Washington, D.C.
Caern Type: Wisdom
Dominant Tribes: Bone Gnawers

Sept of the Falls
Location: Davis, West Virginia
Caern Type: Enigmas
Dominant Tribes: Fianna

Sept of the Final Tapestry
Location: Luray, Virginia
Caern Type: Visions
Dominant Tribes: Silent Striders

Sept of Many Roads
Location: Dorset, Vermont
Caern Type: Wyld
Dominant Tribes: Black Furies, Stargazers

Sept of the Ironworks
Location: Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania
Caern Type: Innovation
Dominant Tribes: Glass Walkers

Sept of Hero’s Pride
Location: Hopkinton, Rhode Island
Caern Type: Liberty
Dominant Tribes: Silver Fangs

Sept of the Great Wind
Location: Sargent’s Purchase, New Hampshire
Caern Type: Strength & Wyld
Dominant Tribes: Stargazers, Wendigo

Sept of the Palisade
Location: Weehawken, New Jersey
Caern Type: Kingship
Dominant Tribes: Shadow Lords

Land of Endless Grasses (Great Plains)

Sept of the Dreaming Bear
Location: Yellowstone, Wyoming
Caern Type: Wyld
Dominant Tribes: Uktena, Wendigo

Sept of the Scarred Mountain
Location: Keystone, South Dakota
Caern Type: Rage & Strength
Dominant Tribes: Children of Gaia, Wendigo

Sept of Torn Reeds
Location: Burbank, Oklahoma
Caern Type: Plenty & Visions
Dominant Tribes: Wendigo

Sept of the Badlands Warriors
Location: Bowman, North Dakota
Caern Type: Stamina
Dominant Tribes: Get of Fenris

Sept of Gaia’s Gifts
Location: Akron, Ohio
Caern Type: Innovation
Dominant Tribes: Glass Walkers

  • Sept of the Rock Plains (Snake Butte, Montana); Wendigo
  • Sept of the Seven Stars (Devil's Tower, Wyoming); Wendigo
  • Sept of the Dry Waters (Badlands, South Dakota); Wendigo
  • Sept of the Badlands (Badlands, South Dakota); Black Furies
  • big Caern near chicago, ruled by Cyrus-the-Bald; silver fangs
  • Colorado; Silver Fangs

Mexico / Central America / Caribbean

  • Sept of Crocodile Nést (Havana, Cuba); Bone Gnawers
  • Sept of the Earth Mother (Nuevo Leon, Mexico); Shadow Lords

South America





  • Barnambirr Caern (Wolfe Creek Meteorite Crater); Uktena
  • Crackenback Sept (Mount Crackenback, Kosciusko National Park); Silver Fangs
  • Cradle Mountain Caern (Tasmania); Uktena



Most of the time for every rank of the cairn there is one purebred family of Kinfolk and three mixed bread family of Kinfolk. Except for glass walkers in which for every rank there are five mixed bread families per rank. And for silver fangs there are two purebred families and two mixed bread family. For red talons there are no Hamid Kinfolk families

Septs of the Garou

The following lists many Garou Septs and their caern protectorates around the world. America is the focus but numerous Septs elsewhere are included. Often these Septs are listed as being located in a city. In reality, the city so listed is usually just the nearest urban center. Most caerns are far from the city. The usual exceptions, of course, would be Bone Gnawer and Glass Walker caerns. Note also that few Garou Septs in the Orient are mentioned. This is because they were already listed in the Year of the Lotus supplement, Lotus Petals. Note that these lists are not meant to be exhaustive.

Sept of Tri-Spiral the Fianna Tribal Caern.

Silver fangs:
Aral Sea Caern (Russia)
Sept of the Crescent Moon (Russia)
Sept of the Midnight Sun (Luxor, Egypt)

The Silver Fang of the Sept of the Naiad's Buried Heart enjoy the status reserved for royalty. Though they are the smallest tribe represented in the Sept (and in fact in the entire Massachusetts region there are but only those Silver Fang in the Caern of the Naiad's Buried Heart), they are involved in many levels of Garou society having ties by virtue of their diverse auspices and membership in all packs that do not have disqualifying policies with regard to tribes (be they exlcusive or exclusionary).

Isle of Anglesey - The Sept of the Ocean's Lament

Alpha: Bryn Dragon's Bane (Fianna Elder Philodox - homid)

Rank: 5

Totem: Llyr

Territory: Wales. All of it.

The Isle of Anglesey is home to what is currently the greatest caern in the UK - the Sept of the Ocean's Lament. It is the only rank 5 caern in Great Britain, and can trace its history back to pre-Roman times. It's been through it's rough patches - the execution of the druids of Britain is still mourned once per year at Ocean's Lament, and the sept takes it's current name from that event - but it is currently in the ascendent and dominates the political landscape of werewolf Britain.

Traditionally Ocean's Lament has always been a Fianna run caern, with a strong level of Silver Fang influence. It's totem is Llyr, the ancient welsh god of the sea, and it is a caern of wisdom. Its bawn covers both the Isle of Anglesey, and part of north Wales. Furthermore, in recent years its territory has been extended (mostly by an ambitious and powerful alpha) to cover the entirety of Wales. There are other garou groupings and settlements within Wales, but all pay at least lip service to Anglesey.

In terms of the atmosphere there, it is in some ways a moderate and tolerant caern. The Alpha, Bryn Dragon's Bane, is famous for his fondness for the phrase 'it is not what you are born as that matters, so much as the choices you make. They are what define you'.

In fact, the character of the caern in many ways reflects the character of the Alpha. Bryn Dragon's Bane is an Elder Fianna Galliard. He was born of homid stock, and is now in his mid-fifties. He is currently generally accepted as the most powerful Garou, purely in his own right, in Albion. King Lucas Drake of the Silver Fangs may be able to match him in terms of influence, due to the massive weight of the title he bears, but for sheer raw power, no one can match Dragon's Bane. His list of deeds is spectacular, his basic physical presence is overwhelming and his knowledge and experience is renowned. As a young man he travelled extensively from his native Wales (his family have been tied to Ocean's Lament for many centuries) before returning home and claiming mastery of what he considers to be his homeland.

Bryn Dragon's Bane does believe, absolutely and sincerely, that it is the choices you make that define you. You judge a man by his actions, and not by his heritage alone. As such, there are tales of Bryn Dragon's Bane accepting Namers in his lands, who have chosen to try and use their power to live in balance and harmony with Gaia. Of course, there are also tales of Bryn Dragon's Bane rending arrogant Namers who chose to bind spirits into teapots with his own hands. There are tales of Bryn Dragon's Bane accepting fera and showing them the same respect he would show Garou. There are also tales of Bryn Dragon's Bane keeping the severed heads of other shifters who he believed fallen to the Wyrm as trophies. There are tales of Bryn Dragon's Bane forging alliances with the fae, and tales of those fae who broke those alliances meeting a lot of cold iron awfully quickly. There are even (whispered) tales that there is a leech who is allowed free range of the lands outside the caern that Bryn Dragon's Bane holds. However, there are many many many more tales involving leeches being splattered across walls, and Bryn Dragon's Bane was responsible for the 'cleansing' of Cardiff, so no one wants to ask too many questions.

Traditionally, Ocean's Lament's relationship with London has been tense to the point of near hostility. Again, Bryn Dragon's Bane is mostly responsible. Statements such as 'the Bone Gnawer that choses to leave the scab and live as a Garou is worth more than the purest bred Silver Fang who continues to squat in urrah squalor' went down badly with the Silver Fangs who held the London sept. Comments of equal tactlessness from the London Silver Fangs about Bryn's Fianna heritage and acceptance of waifs and strays into his caern didn't soothe the situation and it all got worse. There was no outright war, and relations were said to be improving shortly before the London caern vanished, but traditionally relations were not great.

The Silver Fang family of the Aurelianus are also tied to Ocean's Lament, and claim to be able to trace their descent to Roman times, and Ambrosius Aurelianus who was the last Roman to lead the British. They are an Austere Howl family, and one of their number is currently Sept Beta to the Dragon's Bane.

Highlands of Scotland - The Sept of the Griffin's Glen

Alpha: Griffin's Glory (Black Fury Elder Ahroun - homid)

Rank: 4

Totem: Griffin

Territory: A large tract of the Highlands of Scotland, starting to the north of Ullapool and running north.

In the Highlands of Scotland lies the second most powerful and most savagely traditional of the British caerns - Griffin's Glen. It has held other names in the past, but for the past sixty years it has been known as Griffin's Glen and has been dedicated to Griffin. The vast majority of the Garou associated with this caern are hardline Fianna, Black Furies or Red Talons. Their land is either wilderness, or is held by kinfolk farmers, with a very few other human settlements which are deemed acceptable. This Sept is known for its willingness to occasionally slaughter, cull or otherwise drive out newcomers. They are deeply territorial, and have even been known to attack visiting Garou who don't adhere to their rigid protocol.

The Fianna in this caern believe in their sacred ties to the land. The Black Furies all belong to the Black Fury camp which dedicate themselves to guarding the wilderness. The Red Talons - well - they are Red Talons and know that this place is the one caern in Britain that they effectively run.

The Alpha is actually a Black Fury - Griffin's Glory. She is now in her late thirties and is increasingly set in her ways. She has followed Griffin since her cliath days, and is said to be trying to purge herself of all homid weaknesses. She rarely takes homid form these days, and when she does declines to wear clothes, viewing them as weaver inspired shame in one's natural form. She is Alpha simply because she is the strongest Garou at the caern. Her beta is a Red Talon Philadox - also an Elder - called Broken Tooth. Broken Tooth, conversely, is known for taking human form slightly more often than many Red Talons and for having a definite interest in human society. He says that you cannot fight that which you do not know, and excuses his occasional forays into some of the southern (well, Inverness and Nairn. That's sort of southern) towns as scouting missions.

He is thought to mostly be the controlling force in the caern, but choses to remain behind Griffin's Glory's fanaticism and forcefulness. She is the engine, and he the driver.

The Pennine Protectorate

Alpha: King Lucas Drake (Silver Fang Elder Ahroun - homid) & Sings The Songs Of Glory (Athro Fianna Galliard - homid)

Rank: 4

Totem: various

Territory: The Penines, running from Derbyshire to the Scottish Borders.

The Penine Protectorate is unique in that it actually covers two caerns - the Heart of Albion, and the Sept of the Silver Stream in Yorkshire. It also covers a massive amount of land, running through the heart of the north of England. Both caerns, however, come under the overall control of the King of Austere Howl, Lucas Drake, who rules the Silver Fangs of Britain and France.

The Penine Protectorate is mostly known for its eclecticism. All tribes have representatives in the Penine Protectorate, whether they be the Glasswalkers of the northern cities, or the small cluster of Red Talons who shelter in the North Yorkshire dales. King Lucas Drake is also the oldest of the Elders of Britain - he is now in his seventies and holds a strong position through shrewdness, experience, and a willingness to make the most of the situation as it presents itself to him. He is based at the Heart of Albion caern, which is set in allegedly the exact centre of the country. Sings The Songs Of Glory - a relatively young athro with a fondness for the dramatic, holds the northern Sept of the Silver Stream, which is the more conservative of the two, and is marked by a strong Fianna/Get of Fenris presence. The Pennine Protectorate is also home to the Eldest Child of Gaia in Britain - an athro Galliard known simply as 'Yarn'. He is King Lucas Drake's beta, and is well respected throughout the area.

The Orkney Isles - The Sept of the Singing Seas

Alpha: Skadi Long Tooth (Elder Get of Fenris Theurge - lupus)

Rank: 3

Totem: Albatross

Territory: The Orkney Islands

The Sept of the Singing Seas is a weird place. Isolated from the rest of the Garou Nation in Britain by the sea, and by the awkward barrier of Griffin's Glen it exists largely by itself. Little of civilisation seems to feel the need to push its way on to some of these desolate islands, which are mostly only good for fishing or sheep farming, and so the Sept of the Singing Seas has been left alone, without the struggle to hold back the encroaching 21st century that has so dogged the other caerns.

It is a caern of wisdom and enigmas, with an Alpha who is known for her visions and for her knowledge of the norse runes. She is said to see the future, and is said to talk with spirits that will not normally deal with the Garou. There are even odd rumours that she has delved into the oceans that surround her land, and knows more about its depths than any other Garou living today. Certainly, this sept's links to the seas are strong, and Garou that emerge from it often know things, odd things, that don't quite make sense to their southern comrades.

On the other hand, Garou from this caern tend towards…well…being almost backward. They are very traditional, and can be quite intolerant of things that other Garou have compromised on years ago. There is no electricity on their islands, for example, and it can be a shock for a southern Garou to have to explain to an irate islander than this level of weaver tech is really rather normal and please don't smash my television! Skadi Long Tooth herself is known for being intolerant of fera, in particular, although there is a corax attached to the Sept. Skadi claims that she only deals with fera who 'know their place' and doesn't believe in 'unecessary fraternising'.

The Get of Fenris are strong in this sept, and there are no Bone Gnawers or Glasswalkers. Skadi apparently stopped considering them Garou years ago.

Cornwall - The Sept of the Fox's Rest

Alpha: Keston of the Splintered Vision, also known as Keston Lookfar (Silver Fang Elder Theurge - metis)

Rank: 3

Totem: Fox

Territory: Cornwall - mostly based around Bodmin Moor

The Sept of the Fox's Rest is under attack. It isn't under attack from banes, or fomori, or leeches. It is under attack from something far more insidious - the 21st century. Cornwall is too pretty. Too picture perfect. Tourist come crawling in every summer, and they are wearing Bodmin away. They are too important to go missing randomly - the local police would do even more damage if that were so - and so they have to be dealt with, endured, carefully drawn away. Furthermore the Garou of Cornwall are suffering from the loss of their kinfolk, who are moving away from the area, driven out by high house prices (they can't compete with stockbrokers who want a weekend house) and lack of decent jobs outside the tourist industry.

The Garou of Bodmin would like to be traditional, but are having to adapt. They can't meet their enemy head on. Instead they have to work with the local councils to limit tourism for environmental reasons. They have to somehow encourage local families to stay on, and not sell their farms and homes. They have to infiltrate and influence human society to try and get governmental money siphoned into subsidising local and afforadable housing. And yeah, once in a while they need to get a good scare going to try and make some of those tourists just go away!

The Sept of the Fox's Rest is also unusual in one very important way. It has a metis Alpha. What is more significant is that it has an Elder metis as their Alpha. Keston is the only Elder metis in Britain, and is famous for it. He is known for his visions, his insight, and for the almost suicidal willingness to go that extra mile that has gained him the renown and acceptance he now holds. His name, when younger, was synonymous with doomed last stands. In age it has been tempered with wisdom, compassion, and an understanding of the shades of grey that most Garou have real problems seeing.

His name comes partly from the very real visions that he receives, and partly from their odd colour. His eyes look to be literally splintered, with dozens of different colours sitting kaleidoscope like in their irises. His hair is equally tattered and multi-coloured, and his skin has an unpleasant mottled or splotchy effect. Now in his fifties, Keston is probably proudest of his family. Yes. His family. He has three adopted children, one of whom (a kinfolk girl) recently gave birth to his first grandson, who Keston predicts will change. For him, right now, the future looks good.

London - The Sept of the Forgotten Ways

Well, who knows what is happening with this now. It was the greatest city caern in Britain, run by the Silver Fang Austere Howl family of the Whittingdons. Now it's fallen, missing, and apparently the city is overrun with leeches.

It was traditionally a rank 2 caern, based out of the Chislehurst Caves in Lewisham, which in this world are not used, not open to the public and are barricaded off and forgotten. It is said that the caern was much once more powerful, but has suffered from a strange loss of power over the past fifty years, and it is also said that there is another power source in London, of great significance to the city but no one outside London really cared or listened enough.

They may be regretting that about now.

Uffington, Wiltshire - The Sept of the White Horse

Alpha: Merlin's Song (Elder Silver Fang Galliard - homid)

Rank: 1

Totem: Epona

Territory: White Horse Hill, parts of the Ridgeway, and a chunk of Wiltshire farmland running up to Wantage and Oxford

White Horse Hill is another fallen caern. Two thousand years ago this was the most powerful caern in Britain. It was known as 'the navel of the godess' and the Fianna held it to be their most sacred place.

Then the Romans came. They cut down the sacred groves, and forbade the use of the tracks where horse and chariot races had once been held to honour Epona. They slaughtered the druids and the kin who served the goddess in this place, and slowly its power began to wane.

These days it is a tiny caern. Its Garou are often derrided for being halfway to being urrah. Whereas a Garou from Griffin's Glade would hunt down it's food, or a Garou from Anglesey would trade with local farmers, the Garou from Uffington have been seen shopping in Waitrose (you get a better class of food there, apparently). OK, so they buy organic, but a Sept where the alpha has been known to admit to a regular attendance at the local cinema and likes popcorn and hot dogs has got to be a bit suspicious!

The Alpha of the Sept of the White Horse is also known as the youngest Alpha in Britain. Merlin's Song is, admittedly, a very great poet and singer. Her 'Song of the Goddess', which relates a vision apparently vouchsafed to her by her totem, Epona, is being considered for the Silver Record as the song of Britain. It tells the tales of the land, of what the land looked like before man came and cut down the forests and build artificial hills and fields. It is a work of genius, apparently, and propelled Merlin's Song to Elder. On the other hand…well…she is only 29. A lot of the other Elders have reservations about this, feeling that she may have moved up the ranks too soon and is not really ready for leadership.

Brighton - The Sept of Tolerance

Alpha: Unity Deverill (Adren Child of Gaia Ragabash)

Rank: 1

Totem: Unicorn

Territory: Brighton and the south coast

Brighton, much to everyone's disgust, is currently the only functioning city caern in Britain. Since the fall of London and Edinburgh it is, apparently, the only place the Glasswalkers can go if they want to get their gnosis fix from a caern. And my god! They hate it!

The Sept of Tolerance has never been taken very seriously. No one quite knows where it came from, although it is definitely a recent addition to the political map of Britain. No one knows what on earth the Children of Gaia are up to. Admittedly, Brighton is a rather pleasant place to live (maybe that's why a bunch of CoG moved there?) and the caern itself is a rather small and pleasant place based around the Prince Regent's Pavillion. Apparently the gardens and the beauty of the place inspire people and make them want to be more creative, better people, move away from the dullness and mundanity of day to day life.

Yeah. That doesn't sound very rage filled, does it?

There are rumours of all manner of other supernaturals being accepted and learning to 'just get along' in Brighton.

Unity Deverill, the alpha, is the lowest ranked alpha of a caern in Britain, but has so far held of several Glasswalker attempts to take over her caern. She's there, and she's staying.

But…well…don't talk about some of the poor Garou along the South Coast. They aren't that keen on being tied to the Sept of Tolerance either. But it's that, or start trekking inland to Wiltshire, which isn't much better, so they just keep their mouths shut and get on with it.

Edinburgh - The Sept of the Silver Waters

The Sept of the Silver Waters has fallen. None know how, and none know why, but it is known that the Silver Fangs who held the sept for many years are dead. The spirits of the dead have been contacted and Gatherings sung. No one knows what is squatting at the caern in Arthur's Seat, but what news there is tells of a great contagion in Edinburgh, and a taint that seems to cover the land.

Is it still a caern? Is it now a hive? No one knows.

No one quite wants to find out.

Nestled nicely on the outskirts of Cong on the Mayo/Galway border in Ireland is a medieval castle turned into the Caern for Sept of Emerald Dreams some many generations ago by the Silver Fang. The vast bawn spreads 26,000 acres surrounding the now Unity Cearn in a lush an beautifully safe Eden.

Gossamer Scale, Oregon **
Silent Rains, Oregon
Three Sisters, Oregon **
Rainbow's End, Florida
Our Holy Mother, Florida **
Gaia's Steel, Georgia
The Phoenix, Georgia **
The Hand of Gaia, New York **
The Brass Orchid, Maryland **
the Sentinel, New York **
caern-at-the-three-rivers, Pennsylvania
caern-of-the-white-oak, Pennsylvania
White Water, Goat Island, Niagara Falls, New York **
Broken Nails Sept and Used Car Lot, New Jersey **
Autumn's Mountain, Maine **
The Fens, Massachusetts **
Golden Wyld, Massachusetts **
Shattered Oak, Massachusetts **
caern-of-the-changing-leaves, Raleigh, NC

Mt Shasta, California, Cascades
Lake Titicaca
Palenque and El Tule
Haleakala Crater, Hawaii
Table Mountain, South Africa
Four Mountains of Bali
Great Pyramid, Egypt
Glastonbury, England
Moscow, Russia
Mount Kailas, Tibet
Uluru, Australia
Lake Taupo, New Zealand
Mount Fuji, Japan
Naujaat, Canada
St Johns, Canada
Mexico City
Mt Hood

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