Caer Redwood

Caer Redwood is a Freehold and the Royal Seat of the Kingdom of Pacifica.

Caer Redwood has never been adequately seiged because it is rough and overgrown, in a thickly forested area, and very hard to find in the mists. The now-elite Redwood Archers have made a reputation of themselves by melting out of the greenery and peppering attacking forces with dozens of sharp tooth-arrows before fading back into the trees. Redwood was attacked only one during the Accordance War, and that was by two angry trolls bent on setting it aflame with torches… to little success, for the polished, petrified wood does not so easily catch flame.

Located in a redwood forest near Mill Valley, hidden by a perpetual mist in the midst of giant redwoods, the caer is heavily defended by archers posted on platforms grown into the sides of the trees. The central keep is a single giant redwood stump that has petrified over the centuries, but has been carved out with rooms and hallways by patient boggan and nocker stonemasons. Because of the potential for fire in the forest, no open flame is allowed at Caer Redwood. Instead, visitors collect their own Glamour rushlights: the shells of chimeric glow beetles caught in crystal globes. The lights fluoresce in the natural Glamour of the area, providing light in the dark corridors and tunnels within the caer. It is considered a great honor to dine with Queen Aeron in the crystal lichen chamber, where thousands of crystalline shelf lichen transform every word spoken into a music note of pleasing tone and quality. Queen Aeron's own room is tunneled directly into what would have been the heartwood of the old, incredibly giant redwood stump. Every surface has been polished to an almost mirror-bright sheen. The floor is strewn with pine needles for decoration, aroma, and traction. Reddish, clear-resin cups and plates are the traditional chinaware.

Courtly life used to be quiet and rustic, filled with cool evenings around the balefire (the only "flame" allowed within) and endless story-circles. Today, though, Aeron has all but retreated to her polished redwood four-poster bed with her love Hamal.

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