The Brujah are one of the thirteen clans of Kindred.

All that a Brujah does, he does with passion that is both his curse as well as his blessing. Brujah adopt passions and causes, which they support with volume and vitriol. Some Brujah follow charismatic members of their clan, while others prefer stances of blatant, defiant individualism. Many Brujah are glad to have an opportunity to speak their minds, then indulge in a bit of destruction afterward to illustrate their points. As divided as the clan is, all work against each other in some way, and even when some rivalries within are more embittered than in any other clan, they still keep together (after the proverb "I against my brother, my brothers and I against my cousins, my cousins and I against strangers"). If any Kindred not of their blood would oppose a Brujah, they would face the wrath of the whole clan, as even Idealists would defend Iconoclasts in front of the Prince and each Iconoclast is more than ready to beat someone up who humiliated a clan member within Elysium.

In Seattle

Seattle Brujah wear utilikilts. Even the anarchs.

This clan is the most tightly knit Clan of the Seattle kindred. Clan loyalty transcends sect politics.

All camarilla brujah are newcomers. The only pioneers are found amongst the anarchs.

Camarilla Brujah

Anarch Brujah

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