Broken Nails Sept And Used Car Lot

Name: Broken Nails Sept and Used Car Lot
Location: Trenton, New Jersey
Composition: Bone Gnawers, Children of Gaia
Totem: Rat
Nature: Unknown
Level: 2
Sept Alpha: Unknown
Caern Warder: Unknown
Moon Bridges: Unknown

Former Residents: Slash
Visitors: None
OOC Contact: Slash

History: The Broken Nails Used Car Lot may not sell many vehicles, but it's been a neighborhood fixture in one of the seedier parts of Trenton, New Jersey since the early 1970s. Being on the bawn, it sells mostly to kinfolk or those who want to pay cash for a car, no questions asked. While there have been rumors ranging from it operating as a chop-shop to being owned by the mob, police raids have never found anything illegal on the premises (in no small part due to several of the local police officers being kinfolk.) The caern itself is located in an abandoned unit of storage buildings not far behind the car lot.

The owner of the car lot is Willie Mitchell, a heavyset and boisterous Bone Gnawer kin who's pushing 60 now. Willie has a rap-sheet about as long as his arm full of non-violent petty crimes, but he's generally considered harmless by the local police. Willie has become quite good at staying just loud enough to keep neighborhood eyes on him and his car lot (and hence away from the storage buildings), while avoiding drawing more police attention than he can handle. The Children of Gaia, for their part, have a lawyer and a bail bondsman among their own kinfolk, who have saved Willie from serving more than a night or two in jail when he's had to cover up a particularly eventful night's events for the Garou.

Additional Notes: The sept is known for the less than serious deed-names given to Cliath fresh from their Rite of Passage. Some examples have included Clara ~Little Body, Big Howl~, a Bone Gnawer Ahroun (deceased 1998); Seth ~Fearless Leader~, a Philodox from the Children of Gaia, and Jeb ~Barbecue Sauce~, a Bone Gnawer Theurge, sept members who passed their rite in 1994. While more traditional Garou tend to frown on them, for members of Broken Nail they're something of a badge of honor. Some even keep them as they advance in rank.

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