Prince Bathory
Prince Bathory
Biographical Information
Location of Birth Hanover Township,
Date of Birth 1793
Date of Embrace October 19, 1814
Generation 8th
Haven Seattle General
Aliases The Bloody Lady
Title Prince of Seattle
Physical Description
Being Kindred
Gender Female
Hair Color Red
Eye Color Grey
Family Information
Sire Daniel Rhodes
Childer ?
Family Members ?
Clan Malkavian
Occupation ?
Loyalty ?

"In a crescent-whime cellar of crushed roses
Pooled blood and broken dolls
A torchlit shadow theatre souled
With the echoed cries of lives She stole"

—Cradle of Filth, Desire in Violent Overture

Prince Bathory is the Prince of Seattle and its surrounding domain.

Bathory, who’s real name is most likely Elizabeth Terry, is the current Prince of Seattle. She is known for her unpredictable behavior, her bloodlust and clever, if unconventional, political plays.

Bathory enjoys keeping others guessing as to whether or not she is the historical Transylvanian Countess. Many in the primogen know some of her past, but her entire story is a mystery to all but the most knowledgeable kindred. Even Walt Schnell is still attempting to fill in holes in her past.

Due to the mysteries of her past, many rumors abound. The first, of course, is that she is the historical Bathory. Another major rumor is that she was once Sabbat or still is, and acts as one of their spies (a rumor filled with irony). Other rumors claim she is only fifty years old and is the youngest prince in history, she keeps human victims alive in a secret basement under her hospital and sleeps listening to their screams, and some even believe the rumor that she has attained Golconda in her madness.

She is 8th generation due to diablerie.


Ante Mortem

Born in 1793 in the Hanover Township, Pennsylvania, Bathory married at age 16 to the son of a doctor. However, she unsettled her husband and he quickly took up an affair. After she discovered the affair, she threatened her husband with a knife. Afterwards, with the help of her mother, she left to help with the war effort.

Embrace and Neonate Life

In 1813, Bathory traveled to Ontario to become a camp follower for the American forces during the War of 1812. She became a nurse and assisted the field surgeons. Unbeknown to all, she joined the life because of the proximity to blood and mayhem.

The night after the Battle of Cook’s Mills, she walked through the battlefield and rolled among the dead to her sexual pleasure. During this, she was being watched by an undead member of the British forces (and Sabbat Malkavian antitribu), Daniel Rhodes, and he embraced her on the spot. He attempted to blood bond her, but something went awry and she slew her sire

Bathory moved to Buffalo, New York soon after and was used by the local prince to fight the Sabbat to prove her loyalty to the Camarilla. She made many enemies among the Black Hand, among them was the Lasombra Oliver Goldsmith. The Sabbat took over Buffalo and Bathory joined their ranks when it was over. She was allowed antitribu status after proving herself to the local bishop (as well as consideration toward her late sire) and eventually became close to Goldsmith and becoming his lover, undergoing what he believed to be a blood bond.

However, it was all a ruse. During the whole time, she was working for the, then hidden, Prince of Buffalo, gaining information and contacts inside the Black Hand.


In 1918, the Second Sabbat Civil War had broke out and the Camarilla took the opportunity to take over the northern cities. Bathory was one of the many sleeper agents in the city that allowed the Archons and war coteries inside. The city was taken over and Bathory attacked Goldsmith and diablarized him.

While she performed a valuable service to the Camarilla, they could not over look her diablarization and banished her from the city. She eventually found her way to Denver, but was kept at arm’s length by Prince Edward.

Ancilla and Primogen

Never truly found peace in Denver, Bathory heard of the 1962 World's Fair in Seattle and of Prince Klein’s declaration of Seattle as an Open City. She arrived and immediately began to take part in major politics and involving herself in the city's major events. She achieved the title of Malkavian Primogen in 1988.


In 1990, the Technocratic Union began a sudden attack on Kindred society in Seattle. The reasons for this were myriad and debated to this day. A battle took place which resulted in the sinking of the I-90 floating bridge and the death of Prince Klein. The battle seriously weakened both sides and no clear victor was seen.

Because of the sudden power vacuum in the Seattle Camarilla, the city elders and ancilla began pulling their strings and currying favors, but when the smoke cleared Bathory was crowned on top of a figurative pile of corpses (though some rumors say it wasn’t so figurative).

Bathory was crowned in 1991. The beginning of her reign is bloody and terrible. She made sure the formerly ruling toreador was sufficiently cowed, embracing many new Malkavian servants and delivered bloody wrath to the Brujah, both Camarilla and anarch. Once her dominance was assured, she began giving out gifts to those who were faithful and still alive. New elysiums, and keepers thereof, were declared, a new primogen was founded. Many reforms were undertaken to promote city growth, prosperity and, most importantly, security.

Bathory's Laws

  • Attendance to the annual Halloween Ball is mandatory for all kindred in the city. A costume is also mandatory. Punishment for eschewing this is final death.
  • Presented in the Laws is a list of 27 mortals that are "off limits". This includes feeding, owning, ghouling or influencing in any way.


Multiple Personalities

Bathory seems to have two major personalities that she switches between, whenever it suits her interests the best. The personalities seem to have "shades" where a mix between the two can be seen, or one can completely dominate the other, creating a sort of magnification of the personality's traits. First and most common is the "Bloody Countess" personality. Strong, independent, fierce and sometimes violent, this personality comes out when making hard calls during council or during emergencies when combat is called for. The Bloody Countess is merciless and revels in the carnage caused in her wake.

The other major personality is "the Child". Passive, shy, curious and trusting, this personality comes out in situations when combat cannot solve an issue and the sympathies of the enemy need to be played. It is, above all, a trap used to lure others into a false sense of security in order to either drop their defenses so she may strike, or so they will attempt to take her away from danger due to her supposed helplessness.

Blood Fetish

Having a curious immunity to the blood bond, Bathory is fond of drinking the blood of her servants, kindred or kine. She does this to such an extreme that she has been known to savagely murder a retainer and lie in a bath of their blood, with or without the body or internal organs joining.


Even after the warmth of life left her, Bathory still enjoys physical intimacy with others. However, since her sense of sexual excitement has left her and gaining no pleasure from intercourse, she prefers women to men in bed. She currently frequents Patricia Jones and Francine Beckman in her chambers (though never together).


The Witches

Bathory's personal bodyguards are a trio of Malkavians referred to as "the Witches" for their amazing grasp of Auspex. Ilona, Ficko and Dora are as mysterious as their Lady, though none doubt their cognizant abilities nor their skill in battle.


Low humanity. Nature: Survivor; Demeanor: Deviant

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