Anarchs are vampires who reject the status quo of Cainite society. The resulting organization of anarchs is called the Anarch Movement, whose traditional strongholds are Los Angeles, San Diego, and San Francisco. They also have a strong presence in Seattle.

The Anarchs especially resent the privileged status held by elders within the Camarilla and other vampire sects; when the eldest hold the most power in a society of immortals, the lot of neonates is not a happy one. As such, they are naturally targeted for recruitment by the Sabbat.

Most of the Anarchs respect and uphold the Masquerade and some of the other Traditions, even if they do not respect the vampires who enforce them or the system that benefits from them.

Under the terms of the Convention of Thorns, the Anarchs—like all vampires—were until the early 21st century considered a faction of the Camarilla by its members, but unlike the Sabbat, they were tolerated.

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